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The Path to the Holy Grail

God sent down a great Mixing Vessel, filled with the powers of the Spiritand He appointed a herald and bade him proclaim to the hearts of men: ‘Immerse yourselves in this Mixing Vessel, you souls who can;you who believe and trust that you will ascend to Himwho sent down this Vessel;

you who know for what purpose you were created.’ There is an original, universal Science.There is also a fundamental, universal Religion.And thirdly there is the Original Art,

the Royal Art, which is the act as performed in the radiation of the universal science and the universal religion.

It is the art of bringing life and humanity back to Divine Harmonyrather than arranging things in our own favour.


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The heart as source for spiritual development

The mysteries of the heart are multifaceted and profound. Our mind can penetrate them only to a certain level. The heart plays a central role in all spiritual teachings and traditions that point to the path of liberation. It is the beginning of the path, the middle of the path, and the never-ending end of the path.

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Some essential questions

An important aspect of the Universal Teachings is the idea that each human being is confronted over and over with the fundamental questions of life, the questions of the Sphinx:


Who am I?

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