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All Paths lead to the Inward Journey

The challenges that we face as people of the 21st century cannot be overcome with hard work but by working from the heart. As human beings, we are still far from finished. We are beings in the making, and becoming true and complete human being begins from the divine principle in the heart.

In this way, we arrive at what is called the knowledge of the heart: gnosis. That is a knowing from the inside out. Gnosis is not the property of a particular philosophy or religion. It is universal because it is connected with human experience. 

Through our videos and webinars, we try to be as open as we can to create a genuine dialogue of heart to heart to understand some essential aspects of life and death and the meaning of our existence in this world. How can you and I be linked to the divine or how can we be linked to the essence of life?

The purpose of the Golden Rosycross is not to create a world religion but to provide a path to point out a way of life a practical way of life in understanding those essential questions that we will discuss on this interview, the mystery of life and death, the purpose of life, the essence of a true religion and the real knowledge of self.


Life is changing, and changing fast. 
Your life is being impacted by massive waves of change. 
We are all being pushed to a clear limit which requires from us a fundamentally different state of consciousness that must be conquered by each one of us through an inner self-revolution. 
Only then we can become true agents of change in this world. 
In this video we discuss this process of an inner self-revolution.

The word Gnosis comes from the Greek and means light of knowledge. The knowledge and belief the Gnostics attach to and what spiritual path they follow is generally little known. Gnostics are mostly associated with early Christianity in European intellectual history. However, there were and are Gnostics at all times. For gnosis - the knowledge of God - was and is a force that can communicate directly to every human being, regardless of religious systems and traditions. But what does it mean to experience Gnosis internally? In order to find that out, one must turn to the source from which gnosis springs.




In every human being, there is a longing for freedom. But what does it mean to be free? Even if you can do what you want, you can experience a lack of freedom because you experience the limits of yourself and those of the world. Then you can become aware that there must be more to life. There are fundamental impediments that prevent us from penetrating into a higher world with such absolute values as freedom, love and unity. This can lead to the feeling as ascribed in chapter 20 of the Tao Te Ching: ‘The multitude rejoice and are glad. (…) I am like a new-born babe who has not yet smiled.’

Freedom must be chosen in relation to the true purpose of life. How can we rise above the astral laws that keep the personality in captivity and thus prevent the manifestion of true freedom? How can we totally break loose from the wheel of birth and death, so as originally divine beings we break through to a reality beyond the prison of our senses? This question has only one answer, which has t


From Comenius' ‘Via Lucis’ (1641 AD):

‘According to the Creator’s objectives, the world is nothing more than a foreplay to eternity, as it were a primary school where we are sent before we can be promoted to the heavenly college. And that is why he has lavishly equipped his school with his books.

Because since it is our task here to learn, and learning without books or oral instruction is not possible, he teaches us, in the meantime with the help of his books, since the latter is reserved for eternity. He has given us three books, all three of which are copies of his eternity, that means, of himself, as it were as from an original.

The first and largest book of God is the visible world, written in as many letters as there are creatures of God. The second book is man himself, created in God’s image. To him, inspired by the breath of divine life, that is, by the reasonable spirit, made according to the measure of all things.

However, God has handed man a third book, as it were an explanation of the outer book of the world and as a guideline for the conscience, which is the inner book: the Holy Scripture, in which he sheds light on some more hidden aspects of both other books, and teaches the true purpose and use of all things.

In this threefold book of God everything is included that we humans must know or do not know, and clearly explained for the benefit of all.’


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