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Dear friends, today we would like to talk to you about the different perspective of Christmas. That is why we call this video Spiritual Christmas and it is also linked with a very important aspect of the transformation of the human consciousness and human life that we are alluding to as ‘the secret of inner alchemy’. To begin with, we would like to share with you what we in the spiritual school see as the inner dimension of christianity. We see christianity, the christian tradition, as part of the universal teachings, as part of the wisdom that has been manifested in all mankind history: in all times, all places, and for all different …


In this talk, we would like to discuss the purpose of life. And we want to do so by asking the three fundamental questions of life. Who am I? Where do I come fron? Where am I going to? When we speak about the purpose of life, it may at first sound odd to connct this with three questions which seemingly push us in the direction that make us seek for an answer within time and space. The questions 'Where do you come from?' and 'Where are you going to?' are part of ouw everyday discussions. And within that commen mindset it is obvious to see ourselves as a product of ...


We are our own prison, so we have to break out of that prison and move into a proces of self realization, but based on the core of the soul. Does one undertake this path alone or does one undertake this path as a part of a community? I would take one step back and say that our life is not a life in solitude. Whether we like it or not, we are linked with each other, we are linked to this planet, as human beings we are intertwined. From a atomic point of view we cannot see things as separate. It is our ego or our egocentricity that sees al things as …

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