2070194314?profile=RESIZE_584xThe true meaning of meditation is the immersion in the heart, the core, the middle.  Staying in the silence that stems from that middle allows us to see who we are.  In this silence of the middle,  we realize that there is no reason to fight the internal noise, because the noise comes from the illusion of being the very rushing waters of the river of the mind. 

Then in the Light of the Real Being that shines in us, we realize that we are the river, the waters, that we are what has passed, what is passing, what will pass, that we are the curves of the stream, the fields, the mountains, the trees and the birds singing, the blue sky, the brightness of the sun, the sun itself...  

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Krishna to Arjuna:

What is action and what is inaction? It is a question which has bewildered the wise.

But I will declare unto thee the philosophy of action, and knowing it, thou shalt be free from evil.

It is necessary to consider what is right action, what is wrong action, and what is inaction, for mysterious is the law of action.

He who can see inaction in action, and action in inaction, is the wisest among men.

He is a saint, even though he still acts.

The wise call him a sage, for whatever he undertakes is free from the motive of desire, and his deeds are purified by the fire of Wisdom.

Having surrendered all claim to the results of his actions, always contented and independent, in reality he does nothing, even though he is apparently acting.

Expecting nothing, his mind and personality controlled, without greed, doing bodily actions only; though he acts, yet he remains untainted.

Content with what comes to him without effort of his own, mounting above the pairs of opposites, free from envy, his mind balanced both in success and failure; though he acts, yet the consequences do not bind him.

He who is without attachment, free, his mind centered in wisdom, his actions, being done as a sacrifice, leave no trace behind.

From Bhagavad Gita, chapter 4



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