The realisation of the new human genesis is a spiritual path. This path has always two aspects: on the one hand, the development of the new human being from the dormant spirit nucleus in the heart, and on the other hand, the demolition of the old I-directed being by means of the increasingly conscious spiritual powers. In the third manifesto of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross, «The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross», this path is allegorically described.

The alchemical wedding of Christian Rosycross is the union of the bride with the bridegroom, of the new soul state with the perfect spirit. It is, therefore, the ultimate goal of the pupil of the mysteries who, after having bidden farewell to the «lead» of his I-nature, purifies his soul and brings it through many trials to a state in which the «gold» of the spirit can merge with it. In «The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross», Johann Valentin Andreae describes the path of the pupil of the mysteries down to the smallest detail. He describes how the pupil approaches his goal and the unification with the spirit, in seven days, in seven stages. In this story, the powers and states of the soul are represented as persons. However, to all who succeed in looking behind the veil of the allegory, an image of all the steps on the path of the pupil of the mysteries is unveiled.

Touch of the light

The first day describes the stage in which the pupil is touched by the light of the spirit. Many will recognise the following situation in their own lives: everything that was accepted until then, suddenly seems questionable and life in its current form does not seem to be right. All other imaginable forms also seem meaningless, because ultimately everything will end in death. A feeling of being imprisoned and of lack of freedom crops up, and an urge to become free and experience eternity arises. Agitation, impatience and longing then initiate a quest, which may assume the strangest forms and give rise to the most peculiar experiments. The human being wonders where he can find the path of certainty  the path that is suited to him in particular, and which leads to eternity. He is confused by the huge supply of esoteric and religious offerings; he does not want to make mistakes; he wants to do better than others who have failed. All these effects are caused by the touch of the Light of the Spirit, to which the human being reacts, albeit still awkwardly.

The dream of Christian Rosycross

In «The Alchemical Wedding», this touch is described as follows. One evening (the evening before Easter, the day of the resurrection), Christian Rosycross receives a letter in which he is invited to attend the alchemical wedding. The letter, the touch of the powers of the world of perfection, affects Christian Rosycross in his innermost being. The following night he has a dream in which the clumsy efforts of people to reach the Light are depicted. Christian Rosycross is lying on the floor of a dark shaft, a tower or a well with many other people. Complete darkness rules. Suddenly, the trapdoor of the tower is lifted, and a small amount of light penetrates into the darkness. There is a prospect of salvation from this miserable situation. The imprisoned people begin to push and shove each other in great agitation. They climb on each other’s backs to get to the top and reach the light. The saviours up on the edge of the tower then lower ropes by which the unfortunates can be hauled up. But they are fighting so terribly that they prevent each other’s salvation. Hardly has someone grasped the rope when it is taken away by another who wants to be hauled up, or so many people hold on to him that he is pulled down by their weight. Finally, Christian Rosycross succeeds in being pulled up, and once above, he immediately helps to haul up others.

It is not hard to see current, seeking humanity in this dream, those who are touched by the light in the dark shaft in which they are living, and who want by all means to find liberation, the meaning of life, the original order, in spite of all competitors and obstacles. To this end, they deploy all their energy and their perseverance.

A spiritual school begins its work with human beings who are touched by the light. The touch of the spirit and the corresponding fundamental agitation are required for the path, because mere curiosity and information without obligation do not lead to a result. In addition, it is essential that Christian Rosycross, the prototype of the pupil, does not influence the touch by the light of the spirit. It happens or it doesn’t. It cannot be summoned. The spirit blows where it wills. Yet, we can learn to react to it in the right way, once it has happened, and we perceive it through our agitation and our longing. And this is what a pupil learns as his first step on the path: it is useless to try, as the people in the dream of Christian Rosycross did, to make progress by force. On the contrary, any effort, any forcing, obstructs the light powers in their activity. What matters is to become silent and open ourselves to them.

Responding to the light

Then the second stage of the process of liberation follows. The pupil should find the right way of reacting to the light. He has come into contact with the light powers of a spiritual school. Now he is confronted with various ways to react and he tries them out.

Generally speaking, the western human being always wants to be active. He begins to meditate, performs concentration exercises, and perhaps even uses stimulants. But one day, he will discover that all these strenuous and deliberate measures will ultimately leave him unsatisfied, even if they led to fleeting, unusual experiences, because any forcing cuts a human being off from the light, which does not want to be forced. The only way a pupil can make progress is by constantly reflecting on his deepest longing, which originates from his heart. This need for the truth, the longing for salvation, is like a compass that indicates the course the pupil has to follow in order to come closer to the light powers, to which he is attracted despite himself.

Christian Rosycross at the crossroads of four paths

In «The Alchemical Wedding», the situation of a pupil at the second stage of the path is also depicted in images. Christian Rosycross sees four roads. He knows that only one of them is the right road for him. All the other roads will involve great dangers. But which is the right one? Christian Rosycross is unresolved and begins to eat the bread he brought along. A dove notices this and flies down to pick up a piece of bread. A black raven, the dove’s enemy, flies toward the dove to steal the piece of bread. The dove flees and the raven pursues it. Christian Rosycross goes after them, chases the raven away and saves the dove. At this moment, he sees that he has unthinkingly entered a road and that he cannot turn back, because when he turns around he is surprised by a very strong wind. However, if he continues forward on this road, there is not even a trace of a breeze.

What do these events mean? Christian Rosycross gives the dove -- this is the developing new soul state, the longing for the truth -- something to eat. He focuses all his longing on this new soul state and nourishes it by organising his life in such a way that the new soul can develop. At the same moment, the powers of the old life, which want to destroy what is new, and direct the pupil’s attention and the energy toward themselves, arise in him. The pupil chases these powers, the black raven, away.

At this second stage of the path, the pupil has an unerring compass at his disposal, even if he is not yet aware of where his true goal actually is. As long as the pupil keeps his attention focused on the light of the truth, of which he surmises something, he will succeed in confronting all temptations and conflicts of ordinary life, resignedly and with understanding. However, if he lets himself be drawn into the conflicts and errors of life again, he will only become more involved in them than ever before -- then he will be hindered by a fierce wind.

Tried by the light

By the end of the second day, Christian Rosycross enters the castle in which the alchemical wedding will take place. This means that he is brought into contact with the sphere of the new life.

However, on this third day, he must prove that he is truly worthy of this sphere, that he has, in steadfast longing, allowed an inner state of being to develop in accordance with the new field of life, and has completely rejected the conflicts, obsessions and expectations of the old field of life. Along with many others who, just like he, have penetrated to the new field of life, Christian Rosycross will be tried in the temple of judgement.

The human ties to perishable nature can be considered to be sevenfold. The human mind makes representations of the future, which are accepted as laws. With his heart, a human being holds onto what seems good to him, and rejects what seems evil to him. With his will, he tries to realise his ideals and impose them on the world. These three faculties, idealism, morality and the will to realise, all of which stem from self-maintenance, have four instruments at their disposal. With his mind, the human being enables relationships to develop and he designs plans and methods. Emotionally, he vivifies these plans through fears and expectations. His vital force is subject to the rhythm of rising and fading, of shining and withering. And his body, as the organ of perception and action, links him directly with the world of sensory phenomena.

These sevenfold ties to the perishable world are opposed to the sevenfold new soul state, which is free from these ties. A pupil in the third stage of the path of liberation is attuned to the laws of the original world, is linked with the powers of the original world and allows them to become active through a new will. His personality has been transformed to the extent that his thoughts, feelings, vital power and actions can be totally put at the service of the new laws and powers.

Christian Rosycross on the scales

In the temple of judgement, Christian Rosycross has to step on a scale. He has to demonstrate whether he can withstand seven weights. This image means that in this stage of the path the pupil must demonstrate whether he has, at least to a certain extent, broken all seven ties with the old life and is capable of accepting the seven new tasks in the new field of life.

The alchemical wedding

The remaining stages of the path to the alchemical wedding will be discussed only briefly here. On the fourth day, the task is the final detachment from all aspects of self-maintenance, so that a new life becomes possible through the power of the Spirit. On the fifth day, the pupil consciously recognises the original order, the law of the imperishable world: love. Christian Rosycross, the prototype of the pupil, enters the first floor of the tower of Olympus. On the sixth day, he enters the second floor of the tower, where he makes the last preparations for the alchemical wedding. And on the seventh day, this wedding is celebrated. The spirit is united with the new soul, the new consciousness of the pupil who has become a master.

The alchemical process, the dissolution of the old consciousness and the construction of a new consciousness, has been accomplished. We can read extensively about this in the book The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross.

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