Abandon study, and your worries will cease.

What is the use of linguistic subtleties? Much better is knowledge of the distinction between good and evil.

Alas, the world has become a wilderness without end.

The multitude rejoice and are glad, like those who enjoy their food, like people who have climbed a high terrace in spring.

I alone am calm and have not yet moved. I am like a new-born babe who has not yet smiled. I am free and without limitation, as if there were no place to which I would like to return.

The multitude have enough and to spare; I alone am like one who has lost everything. I have the heart of a fool; I am a chaos of confusion.

The common people possess sparkling lucidity; I alone am dark. The common people possess penetrative insight; I alone am mournfully anxious. I am indeterminate, like the sea; I am restless, tossed to and fro by the waves.

Everyone has a reason for everything; I alone am foolish.

I alone am different from the common people, because I revere the Mother who nourishes all things.


Tao Te Ching, Chapter 20



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