How can you know if you are already a pioneer? A pioneer is a person of firm determination. After having chosen, after having focuses on his purpose, he strives with great resolution towards that aim. He will avoid fussing and unnecessary clamour. Resistance make no difference to him All resistance between him and his purpose will be overcome little by little. Even f his efforts are completely misunderstood, even if he falls victim to hatred, slander or actual hostility, he will neutralize these attacks in a tactful manner. He dos not play the hero , the imposing person, for there can be no question of heroism in a victory that is certain from the beginning. He knows that all honor, all gratitude, all worship are due to the great Master-Builder who created everything, and to the Christ who enables aal building.

A pioneer is tenacious. He never loses courage. Het is not a person of excessive enthusiasm, of turbulent action, who then falls into complete idleness. And if someone rages like a storm, he does so to rouse the unconscious from their sleep. A pioneer is a knowing person. He knows what he is doing. He is acquitted with the structure of the great plan of creation. He knows that an eventual defeat is out of question. He knows that finally everyone must come to that one way of life; that there is no question of a lasting negation of the magic triangle of goodness, Truth and Justice. Thus the pioneer becomes a calm person; so intensely calm the he stands in cool equilibrium in the midst of the conflagration of time. Step by step he moves forward.

In the broad battle array the Brotherhood of Light marches on. Do not think, however, that this refers only to the solution of a cosmic formula, to a cool, sober matter-of-factness. No, the great power behind his cosmic method is love.

The pioneer knows about this revealed love. It sparkles in all things and is reflected in every eye. It is ‘in, through and for all things. It is the synthesis of Christ. This love of God is directed impersonally to all of creation; iet is for us and not of us, even though it reveals itself within us. So this love is never egocentric; self-love does not find a place in it; love for a small group, a family, a tribe, a nation or a race cannot express itself in it. ‘He who loves father and mother more than Me is not worthy of Me’, says Christ. The true pioneer has something of this synthesis of Christ, and strives to posses ever more of it.

This synthesis of Christ has a radiating faculty. It cannot bu radiate into the darkness of this world. It is the perfect armour of the Brotherhood of the Light, the only weapon of the Aquarius man. He fights with the fire of love.

Do not think here of a commonplace poetic or mystical feeling. The pioneer fights with the fire of love. Just as the fire of the lower, egocentric love tears mankind apart and makes our society a hell, very concrete and hellishly tangible, so the fire of love of Christ is abele to tear up this lower community of life through the fire of the deed, so that out of this hell, heaven may be born.   

Source: The Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross by J. van Rijckenborgh , Rozekruis Pers, 1988 

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