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During the second half of 1945, there was a great impetus to establish contact with what J. van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri, at the time, still only knew as the work of the Albigenses. In four extensive addresses, he shared these insights with the pupils, and in passing, gave a detailed explanation of the structure, the rituals, the sacraments and the liberating activity of a brotherhood in Christ, which should also be the structure of the modern Spiritual School.

Thus, J. van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri envisaged the basis for the further development of the Spiritual School. However, the structure of the inner work was not yet clear. They felt urged to travel to the South of France to achieve possible new insights into the atmosphere of the ancient brotherhoods.

This is why the spiritual leaders travelled to Albi in 1946. The rose garden next to the bishop’s palace, beautifully designed and cared for, was an important point of departure and inspiration for their further path. In a letter to a group of young people who were planning to make a trip through the South of France, he wrote: ‘When we arrived there by train, we had the sensation that we had come to familiar ground, and we walked straight to our goal: a very old building, situated to the right of the large cathedral, on the high borders of the river Tarn. The old building, currently a municipal museum with an adjoining rose garden, was formerly the bishop’s palace, and before that, it was a settlement of the ancient Cathars.’

In a special way, they felt at home there; they knew the way, without ever having been there, and it was a revelation to them. ‘Having entered the building, we felt at home and made our way straight to a pergola, built on an elevated stone corridor above the garden. And there, at the last broadening, just before the cupola, we sat down, right on the wall. And when we had sat there for a while, the rest, peace and grace of these ancient times descended upon us, and through the opened window of the soul, we saw the path lying ahead of us, down to the smallest details.’

Source: Called by the World Heart by Peter Huijs

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Hear the Bird Sing

God is the dancer
creation the dance
Be silent and contemplate the dance
Just look …
a star, a flower, a leaf, a bird, a stone
Look, listen, touch, taste, smell …
it won’t be long before you meet
the dancer in the dance.

The disciple was always complaining to his Master,
“You are hiding the final secret of Zen from me.”
And he would not accept the Master’s denials.

One day they were walking in the hills
when they heard a bird sing.
“Did you hear that bird sing?”
said the Master.
“Yes,” said the disciple.
“Well, now you know that I have hidden nothing from you.”

–  Anthony de Mello, The Song of the Bird 


God is everywhere

God is everywhere-
In all things;
And in nothing.
God is in trees and seas;
In birds and in beasts,
In the soil under my feet;
And in my soul.
Why am I wandering from
Temple to temple
Looking for God?
When I stop searching I realise
That God is in me
And I am in God.