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 There has been a cooperation with the Spiritual School of the golden Rosycross and the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica or Ritman Library since 1986, which is now part of the Embassy of the free mind in Amsterdam. At the age of sixteen, the founder, Joost Ruben Ritman, became aware of the unique field of the Christian-Hermetic gnosis. In 1957, when his mother gave him a book by Jakob Boehme written in 1657, he realised for the first time that a certain category of ancient books was still mar

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Humanity en masse neglects the soul. Many problems we encounter are directly or indirectly the result of denying and ignoring this most essential aspect of ourself and our fellow human beings. There are many forces in the world that keep us away from caring for our soul.

Yet there is every reason for hope. During our recent era, the human personality has developed in such a way that the soul aspect has been awakened in many people and is indeed growing and becomi

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