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What is imperfect will become perfect.

What is crooked will become straight.

What is empty will become full.

What is worn out will become new.


With little, ‘It' is gained.

With much, one deviates from ‘It'.


That is why the sage holds fast to the One,

and in this way makes himself into an example for the world.

Not seeking to shine, he is enlightened.

Not overrating himself, he is distinguished.

Not boasting, he has merit.

Not wanting to be first, he is superior.

Standing in non-conflict,

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The nature of the soul and its calling must be thoroughly comprehended by the pupil and once again find recognition in his life, before he can meet the soul of the heavenly man. The threefold concept ‘spirit, soul, and body’ will be familiar tot every student from the communications contained in sacred books. He must realize however, that this designation of the threefold man applies only to a man as he ought to be!

In regard to the dialectic man, man in his present state, there is no longer an

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Preface by J.R. Ritman

Foreword by the author

Introduction to the book


  1. Nature soul and world heart
  2. You yourself are the turning point. The Haarlem years: the first circle of development. The influence of a Haarlem minister: A.H. de Hartog. Jakob Boehme’s axiom as inner guideline. De Hartog’s social commitment. What does it mean, forming the turning point yourself.
  3. The spiritual line. The world work begins 187
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The founders of the International School of the Golden Rosycross wrote dozens of books about universal teachings that are still available in print in several languages. In some of them they convey prophesies about truth. Despite all the fake news In todays world, we see these come true. In fact it is not about predictions or forecasts, but about the the results of the assignment of the inner man and the unfolding of the divine plan.

Catharose de Petri (1902-1990) in The Seal of Renewal (chapter

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The first edition of The Coming New Man was published in 1957. Western Europe had started to restore the damage caused by World War II. Idealists from all quarters of the world assembled to propagate peace and to shape a new world order. Now, nearly 50 years later, much has changed, but the struggle between nations still continues and, more than ever, humanity is seeking a way-out of its self-created perils.

The Brotherhood of the Golden Rosycross a

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As Paracelsus explained so clearly, every human being possesses a universal consciousness and a personality consciousness, the I. The I is the visible manifestation of the universal consciousness, just as the material sun is the visible manifestation of the spiritual Sun.

With respect tot the personality consciousness we are lonesome wanderers, pilgrims, toilers and warriors in this world, whereas with respect to the personality consciousness we are participants in the whole omni-relegation. As

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How can you know if you are already a pioneer? A pioneer is a person of firm determination. After having chosen, after having focuses on his purpose, he strives with great resolution towards that aim. He will avoid fussing and unnecessary clamour. Resistance make no difference to him All resistance between him and his purpose will be overcome little by little. Even f his efforts are completely misunderstood, even if he falls victim to hatred, slander or actual hostility, he will neutralize thes

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Jan van Rijckenborgh was born in 1896 in Haarlem, The Netherlands, in an orthodox reformed family. In 1968, he died in Santpoort, near Haarlem. As an adolescent, he already showed a great interest in religious issues, particularly in the practical application of religion in everyday life. The hypocrisy and untruthfulness of many people around him -- being pious on Sunday, but living unscrupulously during the rest of the week, deceiving their neighbours and occupying themselves with gossip and s

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