the call of the brotherhood (2)


As Paracelsus explained so clearly, every human being possesses a universal consciousness and a personality consciousness, the I. The I is the visible manifestation of the universal consciousness, just as the material sun is the visible manifestation of the spiritual Sun.

With respect tot the personality consciousness we are lonesome wanderers, pilgrims, toilers and warriors in this world, whereas with respect to the personality consciousness we are participants in the whole omni-relegation. As

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How can you know if you are already a pioneer? A pioneer is a person of firm determination. After having chosen, after having focuses on his purpose, he strives with great resolution towards that aim. He will avoid fussing and unnecessary clamour. Resistance make no difference to him All resistance between him and his purpose will be overcome little by little. Even f his efforts are completely misunderstood, even if he falls victim to hatred, slander or actual hostility, he will neutralize thes

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