The founders of the International School of the Golden Rosycross wrote dozens of books about universal teachings that are still available in print in several languages. In some of them they convey prophesies about truth. Despite all the fake news In todays world, we see these come true. In fact it is not about predictions or forecasts, but about the the results of the assignment of the inner man and the unfolding of the divine plan.

Catharose de Petri (1902-1990) in The Seal of Renewal (chapter 10)

'If we continue our work in absolute self-sacrifice with complete dedication, the spirit of truth shall manifest itself and speak to the world in ever clearer language. A tremendous flow of truth, of revelations of coming events, will be liberated in the world. All countries and all peoples will be stirred by this truth as by a flood and already now this can be witnessed everywhere. World and mankind are being, as it were, torn free from their own limitations and their eyes will turn to matters of intercosmic concern, to the interrelation with the all-manifestation, in order that all may know that mankind must form a willing part of a glorious plan of salvation. […]

The truth will stir the all, now here, now there, as a mystery; one time as a whispering, another time as a storm-wind. One moment it will speak of hardly expected and almost incomprehensible things; the next moment it will testify in a clear manner. All will be stirred, small and great, the wise according to this world and the simple. In this way, an international goodwill towards the Gnosis will be fostered.'

J. van Rijckenborgh (1896-1968) in The Call of The Brotherhood of the Rosycross (chapter 2)

‘The gleam of a new reality appears among the ruins of what will soon be the past. A new possibility is approaching. On the destroyed hope and annihilated self-assurance of the intellectual public, a new longing will soon be established. Mockery, laughter and slander will soon disappear from their faces and at last the will listen to the esoterics.

Then the sons of the prophets will speak to you of the omnipresent divine wisdom, which is nearer than hands and feet. They will tell you how this wisdom is obtained. They will urge you on to a new way of life, a blood-renewing way of life.

Then you will discover that a pure white flower will begin to reveal itself in your being - the mystic lily, the lotus of the Eastern seers. This is the entering of the holy halls of abstract thought, where the wisdom of God, the universal knowledge, can be absorbed in the form of force. It is a walking in the light.

In this way an immeasurable divine knowledge, a divine philosophy, unfolds before the pupil, the philosophy of magical knowledge. On this basis, at this gate of eternity, all those who are called to a new intellectuality, all lovers of true wisdom, will be united. At this gate to eternity there will be thinkers, poets and builders, people who are called from all branches of science, art and religion.

And refreshed at the one source of Original Wisdom, as brothers and sisters linked to each other in one chain, they will set to work for the majestic unfolding of their talents. In the light of God, their talents will blossom like roses. and hand in hand they will write through their luminous deeds, the Librum Naturae, the great Book of Nature, as a truth which will span eternities. Everything untrue is doomed to death; everything born out of the eternal solar heart of the Father is called to life.’

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