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‘What is happening at this moment? The state of the world and humanity presents an image that is far from reassuring,’Van Rijckenborgh declared already many years ago. Continuing: ‘One would lose courage observing it’.

Since then, many things have happened which were indeed very discouraging.True untainted people of integrity are rare in this world and the majority do not pay them any attention or give them any credit because their psychic state does not allow it. Humanity has reached the lowest point of its voyage through matter. Art, science and religion as we have known them thus far, have lost their value as a valid sources of help or perspectives of life. What perspectives then, are actually presented to mankind?

We are helplessly and hopelessly back against a wall and yet are we at the same time invited to self-realization; a task for which we may feel we have not at all been pre- pared. But the question must still be answered: what perspectives remain for man? How may he overcome the obstacles that limit him both inwardly and from the outside?

It is exactly in this situation of general helplessness that a new possibility comes up thanks to the work of the Sevenfold World Brotherhood. Let us consider once again the important facts from an esoteric-gnostic point of view. To begin, we need to remember that, as J. van Rijckenborgh has explained, the lunar forces have been completely withdrawn. These forces, the Lunar Angels, belong to a previous live wave, which has gone ahead on the path of development but which does not belong to the human life wave.They accompanied humanity until its darkest times, to the nadir of matter, in which we find ourselves today.

Therefore, the Sevenfold World Brotherhood of whom the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross is an extension has taken new initiatives for the upcoming future because a period of transition has truly begun. This period is characterized by great confusion, a multiplicity of disasters and cataclysms.The School has elucidated this during the past years so that we might under- stand what was coming. Summing up: we are still on the wrong spiral of development. We care very little about the cosmic order, which calls for context, connection, kindness and diligence in all things and its important points are ignored and even denied. The result is the collapse of the social, economic, scientific and religious order, together with other factors that can prevent a disintegration of society. The present poverty of spirit clearly goes hand-in-hand with all this.

In the ‘memory of nature’ the first-hand experience that humanity not only represents a threat to the individual but also to the planet as a whole, has never before been experienced quite so directly. And through the modern media everyone is both a witness and a player on this field. What then is your answer when facing this scenario?

May a deep understanding guide us here! See what the state of the world has to tell you.There is no political solution for it but only one for you, yourself, undertaken by yourself. Are you a judging person, afraid of what may happen to you and to your fine western security? Or are you willing to lend a helping hand? For you must experience it daily: all the evil subtleties, the lies, the slyness that have become commonplace in the interchange among individuals as well as among nations? In the light of the upcoming developments we proclaim that all the deceptions that you are confronted with will soon belong to the past, because everyone will find out what their true face is.

The initiative of the World Brotherhood is about: bringing forth the force of light that lies within you and making this positive force an active one.You will then respond to a powerful impulse of spiritual inspiration in the form of an atmospheric vibration that everyone, all humans of all races, will feel and experience.

All brotherhoods and thus also our Rosicrucian Foundation, respond to it and contribute each in their own way. Not ostentatiously, with powerful media campaigns, but with initiatives emanating from an inner attitude and an orientation towards the intense and imminent outpouring of a radiation of electromagnetic forces.

New energies that deeply touch all humanity provoke a deep reaction in everyone. Every human being will be confronted with himself and will thus have the possibility and the power to intervene in his own situation. It is akin to what the Spiritual School calls: the Spirit-Soul state.

This dimensional shift and change have been announced in our School and in many other groups that have been incorporated into the work of the World Brotherhood for many years.The new etheric reality unfolds through the upper layers of the earth and of our own inner atmosphere and chases the darkness before it.This is very manifest within those contra groups that work ever more openly and cynically for their own benefit and own personal interests because they are weakened by fear, hate, self-interest and all manner of destructive actions.
A change of mentality of its members, who are also our brothers, is only possible by a great cosmic current of impersonal love sustained by thousands and thousands of open hearts of human beings like us.

In no way will this be the end of the world. What is happening today can be defined as the establishment of new starting points written in the ether, in harmony with the great law of love, with the cohesion of life. Millions of hearts envision it, feel it and are oriented towards it. Inwardly, they separate the veils from the solar vibrations and the terrestrial vibrations. Even though there may be a warming up of the planet, a climate change and possibly natural catastrophes. It is the Spirit, beginning with the Universal Logos and the Will of the Father, who maintains in balance these great magnetic changes within the terrestrial system.This is not done to serve our poor wobbly personalities but to serve the entire cosmic development in which our human life wave has its place.

A change in consciousness is forthcoming. It approaches in response to a cosmic necessity and also, and above all, it is brought up by the awakening of the authentic spiritual potential of altruistic love, reflecting the primordial image of the true hu- man spirit. In this love, we shall perceive reality in a very different way.

The new aurora heralds a new dimension.Your heart is receptive to it and your intelligence can grasp the superior reason for it. With your sympathetic and willing actions you will contribute to introduce it in the world.

There was a time when a human being was linked to the divine primordial image of the truly celestial microcosm. The fullness of this image is now far from us. However, a memory, as a reflection in a mirror, slumbers in each human being in each heart, which wants to beat in the right way – for others.

This image of which we speak will become visible, as a certainty, as a consequence of the great cosmic initiative. Humanity will have a first-hand experience it to the point of penetrating the power of the original matrix, which we call the divine plan for the world and humanity. Perhaps the positive disposition toward the majority of ordinary people to host large numbers of refugee coming from the Middle East may be a first reaction to this hopeful experience, despite the incongruous, fearful and inefficient official politics? Given the new forces or etheric values coming to us because of the needs of our times, we understand, with a sigh of relief, that our work and our mission come from a deeper order: “Ensure the birth of the new soul “. At the same time, we can clearly see which consequences it would have if we would reject this mission.

We refer to one of the ways to open wide the door to the new life. Not only will we see how the psychic aspect of the individual can thus be straightened out as much as is still possible, but also that this experience and the powerful activities of the light will cause within him an impressive purification.This will affect not only all human beings but also all the spheres of life

Then a true social transformation can be instigated – a grandiose and impressive new development that will follow seven paths. Everyone may participate, all races and all locations where people aspire to it. No aspect of our society will be untouched by the blissful influences of this revolution. It will be as if our present dimension dissolves and disappears. The original image of the human being, preserved in its entire purity in the highest spheres of life, will envelop you as the Spirit-Soul. It will grow in perception and discernment each day. Falsehood and deceit in any aspect will lose their fascination.

It is not difficult to imagine what this implies in terms of a changed morality and in the objectives of science. This is a wide perspective; a change in the depth of consciousness could provoke a formidable global revolution. Once in a while, the Spiritual School enlarges on these changes, be it in moderate terms. In this process we will all be more or less re-educated starting out from true departure points.

In this way the new cosmic initiative that we discussed here will call up before our eyes a progressive perspective – different and harmonious. Each of us is called to participate in the development of the great divine plan for humanity and the world; in this way our own heart will encourage us towards it, our intelligence will make us understand it and our actions will show it.

This way Truth and a pure Reality will be manifested. The masks and illusions will be left without impact and humanity will see how harmonious structural changes take effect. When everyone is psychically led to new paths and when it will be abundantly clear to all what the pure image of true man is capable of, then the racial body will lose its density.The effects of the forces of gravity will change - do our young people not already practise this in their recreational pastime? - and society will finally show a totally new face.

Together with all the other ones who know of this, we will collaborate in self-surrender with the World Brotherhood. For the obvious reason that in the near future the attitude expected of us will be that of a true serving love.Therefore all who understand this call will make ready and dedicate themselves to the great work for a humanity that is in a desperate search for living examples - archetypes of the heavenly man.This requires a great number of contributors with an adequate understanding.

Source: Pentagram 2016 number 1

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