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The salt of the earth

Salt is an indispensable ingredient anywhere without which life is unthinkable. As an analogy we may also regard the mystic salt as a basic element of spiritual alchemy, essential for the alchemical wedding of Christian Rosycross.

Mystic salt is present in every human being and its degree of efficacy determines his spiritual power. The working of this salt either unifies or dissolves various values or forces that in the course of the process have been revealed as useful or superfluous. Besides, it makes it possible for a human being to continue his path of cosmic evolution in space and time. Suffering and purification of life brought about by this mystic salt interact to give birth to the soul consciousness, the soul body of the initiates, the Christian golden vesture that envelops those advancing towards the wedding with the objective to marry with the light of the divine spirit in them. In this way, the first phase of the alchemical wedding is fulfilled.

This mystical salt is often latent in the human being. Although the call has resonated for a long time throughout the world, it has not so far been able to awaken the majority of humanity.There- fore, mystic salt may lose its flavor, thus rendering it useless to mankind and so may disappear from the divine original plan.

The whole universe tells and teaches us that “God is Light”. This is demonstrated in all aspects of life. It makes us conscious that we, creatures in his image and likeness, are carriers of the Light. In the same way that the Logos thrusts the solar system in the cosmos we, in the quality of authentic bearers of the Light, may discern our task and be a light to the world. The salt of the earth and also the Light in the world!

This is not an assignment for the “I” but for the “we”. The mystical salt of which you are the treasurer must be put at the service of “we”, that is the world. If you have acquired soul power you must distribute it in the world around you. In this way the mysterious mystical salt will be multiplied by virtue of its fabulous qualities. The more you give, the more capable of giving will you be and the more you will aspire to do so under the impulse of the heart.

You can share the light that is in you, your divine spirit, with “we”, that is to say, with all human beings.This task is not given to the “I”, but to the “we”.You will never know rest until this light has penetrated the darkest places.

That is the good work that prevails! The only work that answers to a divine order and demands the real sacrifice: be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. And, following the example of Christ, you will never rest until the whole human life wave has reached its goal.

This proposal is full of implications, which confront us with the specific attitude explained to us in the Sermon on the Mount, which humanity has not yet assimilated as we see it daily confirmed around us. It is as if we are to climb a mountain, which may first give us great hesitation because Christ demands a total change of both human being and society.

The serious seeker will understand that the key point to achieve something that is placed before him is not to talk about it but to act upon it. To do something adequately one needs first to know about it and then to understand the task. So, when we are asked to be the salt of the earth as well as the light of the world, this means that there is a delineated path in Christ that needs to be walked.

If we understood the intentions of Christ even slightly, the result would be significant on a world scale. If we applied the Sermon on the Mount even on a minimal scale it would cause a radical change not only in our inner being but also around us to the point that we would believe to have entered the kingdom of heaven and this would be unquestionable to every mortal and evident to the whole of humanity.

Source: Pentagram 2016 number 1

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