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As Paracelsus explained so clearly, every human being possesses a universal consciousness and a personality consciousness, the I. The I is the visible manifestation of the universal consciousness, just as the material sun is the visible manifestation of the spiritual Sun.

With respect tot the personality consciousness we are lonesome wanderers, pilgrims, toilers and warriors in this world, whereas with respect to the personality consciousness we are participants in the whole omni-relegation. As far as the personality-consciousness is concerned our planet is lost in immeasurable space , while for the universal consciousness, all worlds permeate each other in a glorious unity. There is no empty space!

With the personality consciousness in its as yet imperfect state, you are jealous and egoistic, hating others and totally confounded if somebody else precedes you on the path of development. That is why Christ descends into your disabled condition, to show you the possibilities with the help of which you can adjust your personality consciousness to the requirements of the universal consciousness to which you belong.

Source: The call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross by J. van Rijckenborgh

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Hear the Bird Sing

God is the dancer
creation the dance
Be silent and contemplate the dance
Just look …
a star, a flower, a leaf, a bird, a stone
Look, listen, touch, taste, smell …
it won’t be long before you meet
the dancer in the dance.

The disciple was always complaining to his Master,
“You are hiding the final secret of Zen from me.”
And he would not accept the Master’s denials.

One day they were walking in the hills
when they heard a bird sing.
“Did you hear that bird sing?”
said the Master.
“Yes,” said the disciple.
“Well, now you know that I have hidden nothing from you.”

–  Anthony de Mello, The Song of the Bird 


God is everywhere

God is everywhere-
In all things;
And in nothing.
God is in trees and seas;
In birds and in beasts,
In the soil under my feet;
And in my soul.
Why am I wandering from
Temple to temple
Looking for God?
When I stop searching I realise
That God is in me
And I am in God.