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Who was Christian Rosycross?

The question is often asked whether Christian Rosycross really existed as a person. The Spiritual School of the Rosycross takes the position that Christian Rosycross is a real personality, who belongs to the Brotherhood of liberated souls and who has a special task in the development of humanity. He represents the Christian path of initiation for the very individualised, rational western human being. This is why he can be considered to be a prototype and symbol of this path. Hence, people did not imagine a spiritual ideal and project it on an imaginary figure. A spiritual impulse was, and is, expressed in a human being who, in this way, becomes the prototype and symbol of this impulse.

This does not mean that the incarnation or incarnations of Christian Rosycross carried this name in space and time. The Spiritual School of the Rosycross does not consider it to be its task to investigate which concrete personalities have been, or might have been, Christian Rosycross. It considers itself to be a community that walks the path shown by Christian Rosycross, on the basis of the Christ impulse. It also considers the 17th-century Rosicrucian community to be an expression of the Christian Rosycross principle, albeit that it was personified in one of the Rosicrucians of the time, and that the principle of the path of initiation personified by him became active in this community.

The figure of Christian Rosycross is shrouded in mystery. Was he created by Johann Valentin Andreae? Is he a myth, a fantasy, a symbol? Much has been written, discussed and fought about this during the past 400 years.

Christian Rosycross has become well known through the manuscripts published by Johann Valentin Andreae. In these manuscripts, Christian Rosycross is the prototype of a human being who walks and lives the Christian path of transfiguration in the new era. In Andreae's writings, he is constantly striving for perfection and a spiritual soul. He is a stimulus and an example to be imitated. He is the ideal underlying Valentin Andreae's fiery longing for a true Christian brotherhood that would be able to serve and change the world and humanity. He personifies an ideal that appeared in the spiritual and material crisis of the period in which Andreae lived, a time in which, in more than one respect, a new development began to break through.

Behind C. R. C. (Christian Rosen Creutz), or, in other words, behind the representation of the Christian mysteries, we can see universal Christianity. Do these mysteries exist then? Weren't the classical Rosicrucians already using the formula: «Blessed is he who possesses the Bible; more blessed is he who reads it; most blessed is he who becomes thoroughly acquainted with it; while he is most like unto God who obeys as well as understands it.»1 This is why we may say that C. R. C. is a prototype, an example. He is a Christian who has universal wisdom in his luggage on the path. He is an example, as Jesus Christ was an example, and he calls for imitation. An ideal? An ideal remains an unfulfilled wish if it cannot be realised. It remains a dream, which one day will turn into a nightmare. But C. R. C. is an example in which several aspects have been combined. He is a Christian, but he is also the prototype of a Christian who is free from the letter, free from narrow dogmas, acquainted with, and introduced into, the Gnosis, or in other words, he is living from inner knowledge and revelation, and follows his inner voice; that which speaks in his heart. This is why we should certainly not be amazed when we read «Jesus mihi omnia», Jesus is everything to me, in C. R. C.'s Spiritual Testament, engraved on the brass plate in the burial vault2. C. R. C.'s compendium ends with the fourfold formula:

Nequaquam Vacuum -- there is no empty space,

Legis Jugum -- the yoke of the law,

Libertas Evangelii --the freedom of the gospel,

Dei Gloria Intacta -- the glory of God is unassailable.

Must we not call this fourfold formula highly modern? «There is no empty space»! Nowadays we know that there are millions, yes, billions of celestial bodies in space; that space is filled with atoms, and everything belonging to them, with radiations and radiation fields, electromagnetic fields and powerful sources of radiation. But all of them are bound to regular orbits and cycles, are bound to the «yoke of the law», because a plan, an order, a spiritual law underlies all of them.

The spiritual testament of Christian Rosycross demands that the human being understands this plan; that he liberates himself in order to serve and fulfil it. All who possess and use the key of the plan that lies hidden in the gospels, in the Christian mysteries, will receive the free will, the freedom of the gospel, to fulfil it. The key is understanding how the human being is taken up into the divine plan above which God's unassailable glory is standing.

Thus the circle that surrounds the compendium of the Rosicrucians is closed, the hermetic circle, the ouroboros of the Gnostics. But whatever the case may be: «The glory of God is unassailable.»

Hence, C. R. C. is not a figure from a fairy tale or a fabrication. C. R. C. is the prototype of the new human being of a new era. This era is new in a liberating sense with respect to everything old that is doomed to death. It is a new era, it is entering into the spiritual heights of being universally Christian and being reborn to this end. We emphasise «universal», because the Gnosis of all times, the universal wisdom, is present in this Christian being. C. R. C. is a precursor for all who are looking for this universal wisdom and feel themselves called by it. C. R. C. is the imitator on the Christian path of redemption from the pit of mortification, from the pit of materialisation, from the prison of the dialectical world of mortification, the world of opposites, the wheel of birth and death. C. R. C. is the example for all human beings who are seeking the higher purpose and destiny of life. This is why he trembles on the evening before Easter. He does not know what is going to happen and is frightened by the storm that comes over him, the storm of the spirit that calls him to climb the mountain on which three temples are standing, the temples of the Spirit, the soul and the new body.

What does C. R. C. mean for our time? It still means the same as 400 years ago, nothing more and nothing less, because C. R. C. is still very relevant now. Don't we live, in our time, in an enormous crisis again? Does the church not again fiercely oppose the progress of science? Does it not struggle again with the Galileo's, the Kepler's and the Bruno's of this time, and indirectly with the Rosicrucians? Is a dogmatic worldview not again destroyed by, for example, space travel, astronomy and the latest theories about the origin of the universe? Does the genesis of humanity not lie on the table of doubt? Is the Creator of the All not placed in a completely different context in view of all these millions of galactic systems? In addition to all of this, the world crisis we are experiencing is so incredibly complicated that it gnaws at the roots of our existence. The Brotherhood of the Rosycross, of which Father C. R. C. is the founder and archetype, does indeed possess the House Sancti Spiritus. And although hidden from profane eyes, this House is clearly visible and can be found. It is manifested periodically throughout the course of time, whenever there is a turning point in time, 400 years ago and also now. Anyone studying the time-periods before and after Andreae will discover a tremendous spiritual impulse, which caused independent reactions in different places and other people.

The Idea, the great ideal, the call of the Brotherhood is, however, not fixed around the year 1600. The Brotherhood has always manifested itself when a new spiritual impulse emanated to humanity, and it has always cooperated with it.

C. R. C. did not originate from the pen of any human being, he is a reality and he has always been so. We are convinced that the wisdom and the teachings connected with the name C. R. C. go much further back than the year 1600. This is why the House Sancti Spiritus is a spiritual house. Expressed in a modern way: it is an electromagnetic radiation field that offers inspiration to all who are ennobled to it, to all who are called and are open to it. Who are they? They are the people whose soul is receptive due to their mode of life and spiritual maturity.

Because this turning point is brought about by powerful radiation influences of a spiritual nature coming to us from the cosmos and the macrocosm, the Brotherhood of the Golden Rosycross steps to the fore in imitation of the classical Rosicrucians of 400 years ago. The turning point to which the new Fama, the new «Call of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross» refers, applies to the whole of humanity, not only to a few sectarian groups. It refers to an inevitable turning point in the whole development of the world in which every human being, every nation, every race will necessarily be involved. We would like to present a few quotes from this new Fama from the year 1952, written by Jan van Rijckenborgh3.

«The golden Rosicrucians of the Universal Brotherhood wholeheartedly love all of humanity. The Brotherhood wants to fully serve all those who so desire, without exception. It does not distribute initiations and does not grant special privileges to excepted persons. It is for all and it stands in perfect objectivity, free from all races and nationalities, free from political, social and economic insights and turbulence, because in its service to humanity, the Brotherhood has not the slightest interest in this ordinary dialectical world order. The Brotherhood devotes itself to the original fatherland of the human race, the Immovable Kingdom, the Kingdom not of this world. The Brotherhood devotes itself -- and we say this emphatically and purposefully -- to the Kingdom of the Christ. [...]

The Kingdom of the Christ to which the Brotherhood of the Golden Rosycross devotes itself is a living reality, an actuality, a world order that is not to be found either in the material sphere or in the realms on yonder side of the veil of death. It is an order, which does not make itself known through human beings or human authority, but in the first place through powers. These powers are called by a multitude of names and we would like to acquaint you with one of these designations. To indicate these powers of the field of the Brotherhood, we often speak of electromagnetic radiations. We would like to draw your attention to these electromagnetic radiations in particular. We would like to focus the full light of your attention on them, because these electromagnetic radiations will support and confirm the modern Fama Fraternitatis. There is an electromagnetic radiation field that maintains life in our ordinary world. And there is an electromagnetic radiation field that is manifested from a universe different from the one we are familiar with. [...]

This now is the fact on which our modern Fama Fraternitatis is based. So we are not introducing a new idea, not new speculations, but we announce a new development of the world and humanity, on which we have to reflect. This does not concern an event that may occur in ten or twenty years, so that you might add the Fama Fraternitatis to the already existing series of prophecies of all kinds. No, this concerns a development that has already commenced and in which all of us are involved. [...] So our Fama Fraternitatis appears at the right moment, the moment at which it can be said: «Come and see.» [...]

What is the Brotherhood? It is different from what you may imagine, or from what you may have been told. The Brotherhood is the unity of all the well-disposed, the community of the children of God, and all those who, with open rose hearts, are going to partake of the manifested new radiation field, and are taken up into the chain of the Brotherhood. The power of this bond is determined by ourselves, by our state of being, and there is no one who is able to prevent your being taken up into the Brotherhood.»

The path of C. R. C. described in the mystery story of The alchemical wedding is a path, a life process that has to take place in a human being. It is the alchemical transmutation leading to transfiguration. The significance of C. R. C. for our time is therefore: Walking the path ourselves. It is ascending the seven steps to the three temples that are standing on the mountain: spirit, soul and the new body; it is experiencing the seven days of creation of the new human being in ourselves. This is why C. R. C. is hidden in every human being. The tomb is hidden in our microcosm. C. R. C. must arise from this inner tomb. This is why Theophilus Schweighardt said: «Gehe in dich selbst.» (Descend into your self.) There the transfiguristic alchemy of C. R. C. must take place. As Paul said4: «For the whole of creation waits for the revealing, the resurrection, of the sons of God.» And where is the Son of God? The Son of God is lying in the heart. The pearl, the rose, the seed of Jesus, and hence: Jesus mihi omnia -- Jesus is everything to me. This is why the Brotherhood of the Golden Rosycross places C. R. C. in the actual present. The significance of our time is once again imitating his example.

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