Our present life space where everything only exists with its opposite.  Day and night, light and dark, joy and sorrow, youth and old age, good and bad, life and death. These are inseparable, one is unavoidably followed by the other, thus one creates the other. This fundamental law submits everything to constant change, springtime and decline. Therefore our life space is that of finiteness, pain and suffering, breakdown, illness and death. From a higher standpoint, however, it is still about the law of divine grace because the dialectic space and law, through endless shattering, breakdown and renewal, prevents man from becoming permanently fossilized, from perishing, this way from time to time gifting man with new possibilities of manifestation so that he can one day understand the only purpose of his existence and find the path back, the path of transfiguration which is “being born again from water and spirit”. See also: nature of death