Living Body

Sometimes it is also called the New Gnostic Realm of Europe. This Gnostic astral area that was created from the pure astral material of the primordial beginning by the Young Gnostic Brotherhood together with the Universal Chain, which it is the youngest member of. Since it operates in two worlds – in the resurrection area (Golden Head) as well as in our dialectic living space – it enables humans truly longing for salvation to enter the resurrection area through the Living Body of the Young Gnosis while the present “harvest” period lasts. The Living Body of the Young Gnosis is the arc in our present era approaching its end which the story of creation talks about. This is the sevenfold body built of liberating forces in cooperation with the Universal Gnostic Chain, in which the crop of our era is harvested and is surely taken into the “granaries” of New Life. This is the pen of the good shepherd the New Testament talks about.  Thus this Living Body forms a very temporary bridge between the two cosmic realms. This Living Body has all the power the pupil needs to cross the bridge leading to Life. This Body was born in Europe to spread into the entire world from here. Its wake-up call is meant for all humanity. See also Celestial ship.