In its shorter form micros: man as minutus mundus, or small world, an extremely complex, spherical life system where we can distinguish, going from inside outward, the personality, the space of manifestation, the auric being and a sevenfold magnetic spiritual space. Microcosm, however, means the true human. What is called human in this world is only the seriously mutilated personality of a degenerate microcosm. Our current consciousness is only personality consciousness (or body consciousness), thus only aware of the living space that it belongs to. The firmament of the microcosm (see auric being) makes all forces, values and constraints visible that got into the system as a result of the life of different personalities that manifested in the microcosm before. These together form the lights, stars of our microcosmic sky. These lights are actually attractive-repulsive focal points, power centers which, according to their character, determine the nature of the magnetic spiritual space, i.e. the type of forces and matter that it attracts and takes from the atmosphere into the microcosm, thus into the personality. Therefore the character of these lights defines the personality! In other words the true change of the personality must be preceded by the essential transformation of the firmament, and this is only possible through the self-sacrifice of the self-being, a total disintegration of the self. The space of manifestation or breathing space is the force field where the life of the personality takes place. This is the link connecting the auric being and the personality where the exchange of forces and matter serving the maintenance of the personality takes place.