Nature of death

To live – truly live! – means eternity. In our present living space, however, the law of constant change and crumble dominates. What is born here will walk the path of decay from the first moment of life. Therefore what we call our life is only illusory, being mistaken, that there’s no use holding on to, the way almost all humanity does. The pain of being shattered that endlessly affects all of us so much and that we try to protect ourselves against in vain, only wants to teach us the shortest way possible that it is not this world of death, not the dialectics that was meant for man to live in but the nature of life, the original living space of Adam that the Bible calls the kingdom of Heaven. The instinct working ineradicably in everyone, urging us to seek lasting happiness, unending love and eternal life originates from the life seed in us, the primordial principle of the true, immortal human. From this Christ atom, the rose of the heart, this hidden kingdom “the kingdom of God that is within you” will the immortal true human rise in the Gnosis, based on the total turnaround of life, to return to the nature of life, the Father’s mansion. See also: dialectics.