Rose of the heart

Mystic reference to the spirit spark atom; also called primordial atom or Christ-atom.  It is approximately at the highest point of the right atrial and is the geometric center of the microcosm. This is a shrunken remainder of the original, divine life. The Rose of the Heart that is also called golden seed, seed of Jesus or the pearl of the lotus flower, is the germ of an entirely new microcosm, the divine seed that was preserved in the fallen human as the promise of grace so that the moment might come one day when he can be reminded of his origin and he can be filled with longing for the Father’s house. Then the opportunity comes for the Light of the Spiritual Sun, the Light of the Gnosis to wake up the rose bud and, as a result of the student’s positive reaction and persistent, judicious orientation, the graceful process of man’s regeneration according to the divine plan can begin. See also spirit spark atom.