The process that the gospel calls being born again from water and soul; rebirth from water and Spirit; or renewal in spirit, soul and body. An alchemical process of transformation and renewal where the mortal is replaced by the immortal. All unholy – all that is not from God – is broken down. In alchemical terminology: transforming worthless metals into gold.

The path of transfiguration comprises five main stages:

  1. Insight into the real nature of this earthly domain of existence and experience of the inner call to return to the divine nature order;
  2. Genuine yearning for salvation;
  3. Surrender of the I-central self to the inner divine spark, the rose of the heart, so that the process of salvation can be realized;
  4. A new approach to life, adopted and carried out spontaneously under the guidance of the inner divine spark (see for example, the Sermon on the Mount);
  5. Admission into the new life-field, passing into the state of the new race, the people of God.