• Jan 14, 2019 from 8:15pm to 10:00pm
  • Location: Galway, Ireland
  • Latest Activity: Jan 4, 2019

Again and again in the history of humanity, whenever mankind, or part of it, was ready to receive the Message of the Universal Doctrine, Messengers appeared amongst humanity to once again make us aware of the Path of Liberation. Their names are known to the world: Lao Tze, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ, Mani among many others.

The Universal Doctrine taught by these Messengers manifests the True Path to Life. It has existed throughout all the preceding millennia, from the very beginning of time, as long as man himself has existed. Many legends tell us, how man in the far distant past, became separated from his Original Divine State.

This separation was caused by a lack of understanding of eternal, immutable laws. This state of separation is now so great that there exists among man an almost total absence of knowledge of our divine origin. But there is the great homesickness, that gnawing feeling of being just a passerby in this world.

Throughout countless incarnations, humanity, which is tied to the wheel of birth and death as a consequence of this descending, is trying to find its way back home. Return is possible only through the process of Transfiguration, through rebirth. The rudimentary remnant of the Divine Man is still present within each of us, but it is unconscious, as though in a trance-like sleep, a dormant state. The School of the Golden Rosycross often refers to this Divine Remnant as the Rose of the Heart, the Christ Within, the Immortal Spirit Spark Atom.

It is the task of the I-man, the mortal personality, to reawaken to activity this dormant Spirit Spark Atom. Each person carries within him or herself this Rose of the Heart, this Seed of Divine Reawakening

Start to live from your deepest core!

Event: Lecture and discussion

Location: Harbour Hotel,  New Dock Road, Galway City, Ireland

Entrance: free

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