The Birth of the Light

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Reflection gathering
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This event has passed!

Please join us in New York City for a Contemplative Reading titled
"The Birth of the Light” on Saturday, December 16th at 2 p.m.
at the Theosophical Society, 240 East 53rd Street.
This event is open to all who are pursuing or are interested in pursuing a deeper connection to our true goal as humanity: the ability to return to our divine origins through our inner potential to connect with the Light.
We carry the potential of the birth of the Light within us. The Egyptian mystery teachings as well as the Bible give us these stories.  As we approach Christmas and turn our consciousness toward the story that unfolded in Bethlehem, it is a good time to reflect on the potential for new Light in our lives.

The words of the readings are intended to reach our spiritual essence -- the divine spark in our heart.

Readings will alternate with moments of silence and music, giving time for reflection to let the message reach a deeper level within us.

Following the readings (about 30 minutes) there will be an opportunity for conversation on the potential Light-birth within us and how it may be reflected in our daily lives.

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