The Way Out of the Labyrinth

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“Yet I who through the labyrinth can find my way,

Will not by erring lights be led astray.

I hold the thread that leads me to the core;

Peacefully I watch where others uselessly make war.”

                                                           (Taken from the Tao Teh Ching by Lao Tzu)

There is a certain underlying state of being which we all share. We have in common the search for completeness, for fulfillment, thus we are looking for purpose and direction in life.

We are investigating the intricacies of life. It may be to do with human relations, esoteric teachings, science, religion, art, our planet, the universe, our origin, our destiny, or whatever else our seeking follows in response to the deep longing which pulls us towards its aim.

The world at large is a maze of multiplicity in which every dreamed‑up solution begins to crumble even while it is still on the horizon. As long as the aim or the starting point belongs to this dialectical nature order of alternating opposites, then man remains bound to the cycles of birth and death and the maze of confusion increases day by day.

Now, more than ever before, the one, simple, essential truth, the key to the true life, is obscured in a great tangle of pseudo‑wisdom and verbosity.

That is why the image of the labyrinth is now most appropriate! You only have to grasp the thread of the liberating path.