Questions and Answers

Why is it worth registering?

Because that is how you can sign up for events. You can also get email updates of our news. There are several ways to register and subscribe. You can Like Us in Facebook, Subscribe to the E-Pentagram, or sign up for events. Some events may have their own RSVP or registry system, so make sure you follow each event's description for registration.

What do I have to do if I am looking for a word? 

Click on "Search" at the upper right corner of the page, then type your search word(s) and hit enter. In the middle part of the page you will see the entries appearing where you can find the word you searched for. This can be any kind of content, a part from a book or journal, event, blog etc. 

How can I look up an expression in the Glossary?

The glossary is found in the main menu>Topics>Glossary. All definitions appear in alphabetical order beginning with that letter. By clicking on a word a detailed explanation appears. Links to the glossary are present in every article that appears on our site, the words that appear underlined are terms in the glossary. If you hover the cursor over that word, a small window appears that shows the description of the word. You can also click on the underlined term to go to the full glossary page for that term.