The teachings of transfiguration are not meant for philosophical consideration – they “must be lived”. That is what the pupils in the Spiritual School are working on. Those who do not feel up to practicing being a pupil in this sense but wish to maintain a connection with the school, have the possibility of becoming a member.

Orientation and personal freedom

Before deciding to join, people who are interested are provided as much time and opportunity as they wish so that they can get to know more about the School without any commitment. We consider personal freedom as the only convenient basis for walking the spiritual path that man recognizes to be his destiny. After joining the school, the connection can be interrupted any time one decides to do so.

Temples, conference spaces and centers

The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross, Lectorium Rosicrucianum has temples and conference spaces in many countries where the pupils can regularly meet at temple services and other events, studying the philosophy of transfiguration and contemplating how they can build it into their life. There are 160 centers in various cities of the world for this purpose. They house lectures and courses as well for those interested. There are approximately 12000 pupils active world-wide, in addition there are about 3000 members of Lectorium Rosicrucianum who take that chance to learn more about the School.

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Life reforms and morality

Pupils are expected to perform certain fundamental reforms in lifestyle such as vegetarianism or refraining from smoking, alcohol and drugs. High standard morality is also expected. Male and female are equal both in outside activities and inner development. The active role pupils of different age groups and several young people play in the work of Lectorium Rosicrucianum is really outstanding. Young people can become pupils from the age of 18.