Youth work

“As a child I used to listen to the stories in the temple that were at times exciting, sometimes funny but always beautiful. I was fully sure that it’s all true and all this time I could so much recognize myself in every child that starts searching. Of course I didn’t contemplate yet what the rose bud might actually look like in my heart and why all this happened the way it did. But then I soon began to ask how and why everything is, I began to discover what life on earth really holds. And in a few years I also found out what I still know to be true: that there is so much yet to be discovered here while it seems there is less and less time for discovery. Because more and more is expected of me, as the world demands attention for itself.”

Children and young people in the Youth Work of the Golden Rosycross Spiritual School describe their thoughts and feelings in similar ways.

What is the Youth Work?

The children and grandchildren of Rosycross members and pupils can participate, with the approval of their parents, in the youth events of the Golden Rosycross Spiritual School: at summer weeks, youth conferences, children’s services, club events and excursions. Children and young people aged 4-18 can experience these events divided into 5 age groups, meeting Gnostic teachings in a form suitable for their age.

The Youth Work of the Golden Rosycross does not demand special rules of behavior but it originates from the inner model that is supposed to be there in every unspoiled child. Normal behavior, hygiene habits or well-kept lodging and environment are also evident. The intention is the following: that young people can decide freely, without outside intervention but with thorough discretion what life path they wish to walk. The choice is good when it comes from the heart. So the Youth Work can exist for its capacity to protect the still receptive heart of young people.

Love and friendship

The basis of the work is love and friendship above all else. This, however, is not sufficient. This basis arises from the inner need of the School and its members to provide the children with all the love, attention and devotion that conscious parents also surround their children with. It wishes to give joy, protection and perspective to the children, not even any kind! The Youth Work of the Spiritual School represents this love and friendship. If it wasn’t so, the Youth Work would not have reason for its existence.

It can operate in the centers and in addition to that it has its own space in the Pelikán Conference Center in Úny as well as in the center of Doornspijk in the Netherlands, called Noverosa. It is clear from the great number of Gnostic writings of Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri that not all the connection with the Spiritual School has to have an immediate positive effect. As long as the heart is filled with selfishness, young people might be temporarily fascinated by the speech in the temple, the dynamic play, the relaxation and connection with friends but the time will undoubtedly come when they are no longer satisfied by all this and then the young person will look for some stronger motivation for the self, the kind that the Youth Work cannot provide. However, the international conferences in Úny and Noverosa are unforgettable for most children, even if later they might turn away from the Rosycross. True friendships are made here and many of them last for a lifetime.

The open heart of children

Nevertheless, no young person can avoid the different frames of mind that make the heart open, through which the person can get to know his heart. These are the stages of development the heart must go through before the true inner human can be revealed.

Every child needs the love and friendship of his/her parents, caretakers and youth leaders for their well-balanced development. In addition, children also need to get an insight into life – the why and how of phenomena. The Youth Work of the Golden Rosycross Spiritual School works according to the above, characterized by mutual understanding and openness as well. This, however, does not mean that the leadership would turn a blind eye to reality. Its view of reality is rooted in the Gnostic teachings – and it is applied in all circumstances of everyday life. This results in a world view where each object and phenomenon is put in its place. Young people do indeed need that because that is what they consciously experience, standing in the middle of life.
Youth Work is not concerned with the body’s development or spiritualizing it, instead it would like to awaken the courage in children that is indispensable for their being able to find the inner path in our fermenting age. This form of commitment will surely be needed in this century.