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We would like to invite you to join The Inward Journey. In twelve weekly live online sessions, we will explore the teachings with which we are engaged in the School of the Golden Rosycross, as well as the path it proposes.

The Golden Rosycross is a community of persons from all walks of life and backgrounds who are striving to discover the real purpose of life. Through the help and guidance of the School of the Golden Rosycross, they are enabled to unlock an inner source of fundamental knowledge about their own selves as well as the world around them.



The Golden Rosycross shows how to put this inner knowledge into practice. That is what we mean by ‘following the path’. This path brings about a transformation in the seeker through which the original Human Being can be brought back to life and enabled to return to the divine Creation.

This path is as old as time itself, as old as humankind. The essential basis for finding and following this path lies in the centre of your being, in the heart. This is the key to understanding the origin and purpose of your inner urge to seek. When this understanding of the meaning of human existence begins to grow, you will see that, even now, in the midst of modern life, there really is a path that leads to liberation.


Here are the topics of the twelve explorations:

1. A fundamental misconception

2. Self-Knowledge

3. The two life fields (1)

4. The two life fields (2) - The human being as a microcosm - Reincarnation

5. The microcosm and the personality - The microcosm and the macrocosm - The fundamental reversal

6. The task of the human personality

7. Some practical guidelines

8. The Real Meaning of Prayer - Transfiguration (1)

9. Transfiguration (2) - The alchemical process

10. The cosmic revolution

11. The Universal Teachings and the eternal path

12. What comes next? - The real work of a Spiritual School



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