Open Roundtable


11.00 am (PST), UTC -8, USA West

 2.00 pm (EDT), UTC -5, USA East

 4.00 pm (BRT), UTC -3, Brazil / São Paulo

 7.00 pm (BST), UTC  Europe / London / Dublin / West Africa Standard

 8.00 pm (CEST), UTC +1, Europe / Amsterdam / Central and South Africa

10.00 pm (EAT) UTC +3, East Africa

 6.00 am (AEDT), UTC +11, Sydney / Melbourne (Monday, Dec 23rd)

 8.00 am (NZDT), UTC +13, Wellington (Monday, Dec 23rd)

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The Golden Rosycross Community now opens its doors to present bi-monthly Open Roundtables and is inviting you to pop in and bring your questions and experiences to the table.
Feel free to ask us everything you want to know about the School of the Golden Rosycross, about the gnostic Path for our time that the School describes, and about the Universal Teachings.

Pupils of this School will be happy to share their experiences of that Path. Meet like-minded people from all over the world, ask your questions and exchange experiences.

Our live Open Roundtables run via Zoom, and you can easily participate via this link.

The meetings are not recorded, streamed or made available to third parties. Zoom works with all browsers, and on all devices, no downloads required.

Please remember to test your camera and microphone when prompted to do so by Zoom. It's that easy!

We're looking forward to welcoming you on Zoom. 

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Next Open Roundtable: 

Sunday December 22nd (7pm London)

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The Open Roundtable dates for 2020 will be published very soon!