In January 2019, we had a live online Q&A session with lecturer Neto about his video lecture SPIRITUAL CHRISTMAS - THE SECRET OF INNER ALCHEMY. Enjoy the recording. 

  • What is the Holy Breath mentioned in the online program ‘Spiritual Christmas'
  • What specifically is the new attitude to life?
  • How is the alchemical process different from the practice of yoga?

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  • In the chat, there were two more questions that were not answered in the live session. We post them here and link to other web pages where you can find the answers.

    1. Can you tell something about The Alchemical Wedding and the spiritual path?
    Read the article:

    2. Where can I find the online program 'Spiritual Christmas'?
    The spiritual path in the story of the alchemical wedding of Christian Rosycross
    The realisation of the new human genesis is a spiritual path. This path has always two aspects: on the one hand, the development of the new human bei…
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