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A path is made by walking on it 

Chuang Tzu


The primary aim of the next stage of development of humankind is to become an Aquarius human being. The primary focus of the Aquarius human being is on the awakening of the indwelling immortal Soul that belongs to the microcosm rather than the I-being or ego which belongs to the world of time and space. In the upcoming period, the Aquarius human being will consequently not only possess a temporary physical consciousness but will be able to develop a Spirit-Soul consciousness as well.

We are happy to draw your attention to this essential subject in our first newsletter from the Golden Rosycross Worldwide Community. We have now successfully launched this new  platform on the first day of 2019. We recommend listening to the videos, podcast reflections and music to be found there.


 J. van Rijckenborgh, one of the founders of the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross, outlined  in 1946 the idea of the path that lies ahead for the whole of humanity in his book 'The Christian Initiation Mystery - Dei Gloria Intacta'.

A further book 'The Coming New Man', published in 1957, gives specific form to this idea. In a very detailed way, the author describes the new era and the new humanity that will populate the earth during the centuries ahead.

In the new era, there is no room for the current, cultivated personality. In this newly commenced stage of cosmic development, humanity is confronted with a totally new concept, namely the human being who is guided by the immortal soul. This human being lives from a new consciousness. To achieve this, the path to gnostic transfiguration is extensively described in this book.


 It’s our pleasure to offer a free digital copy of ‘The Coming New Man’, which is a  'gnostic classic', to you and to all people longing for spiritual awareness and fundamental renewal.



Golden Rosycross Community Team

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