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‘We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.’

Stephen R. Covey


You seek a path, the path of which the great teachers speak, but you quickly find out that there is only your path which you hack out for yourself by going forward step by step. You’ll find that it is not about imitating their lives but seeking for yourself what they sought on their pilgrim’s paths. No well-trodden tracks alas, although funnily enough there are from time to time some portals on your path: the Portal of Letting Go because some things are to heavy to carry along; the Portal of ...


The search for the Holy Grail is anchored very deeply in the history of humanity. There is an endless series of legends about the Holy Grail, King Arthur and the Round Table. These stories tell of this search, often in a very symbolic form. For example Percival searches for the Holy Grail, driven by an inner desire. He is looking for the missing link, the secret that can answer his life’s questions. A true knight of the Grail is connected directly with the original Light. His being is pervaded by it: that is his invincible sword. With this sword, he serves humanity. Therefore, the Knight will not find the Grail until he asks the one essential question: “What can ...


Do you feel the desire to learn more about the perspective of the Golden Rosycross on man, society and world? Do you want to know what its philosophy is and how Rosicrucians put that into daily practice? Then we recommend you to join the group 'The inward journey - from insight to gnosis'. You can participate in 12 weekly online meetings with your travel companion (pupils of the Golden Rosycross) and co-travellers in which we will explore in-depth the basic principles of the universal gnostic teachings.The first explorations of this journey are scheduled for the end of January /beginning of February 2019 and will take place in ...

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