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The inner Christ

The fact that you have come to this site might be an indication that you are seeking silence. Perhaps you would like to take time to reflect on the values and mysteries of life in the stillness of this room. Perhaps you are moved by the miracle of life, by the breathing, thinking human being,and expect that something valuable underlies your life. Possibly you are longing to gain the right insight in this respect. Let us together focus our attention on the essence of our longing.

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This time we would like to reflect on the realisation of our true identity on the basis of the ideas of the philosopher Lao Tzu. Through the ages his views have testified of the magnificent universal wisdom. The images used have been unveiled for us by Mr Jan van Rijckenborgh.

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Inner Silence

Silence is essential if a human being wants to create the conditions in which he can be touched by the Voice of the Silence. That voice is like an inner well. The pure silence, in which harmony and peace can be found, is more than the salutary absence of noise, more than just the absence of turmoil. From true inner silence, wisdom originates, the wisdom that the Gnostics call the Sophia.

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The heart as source for spiritual development

The mysteries of the heart are multifaceted and profound. Our mind can penetrate them only to a certain level. The heart plays a central role in all spiritual teachings and traditions that point to the path of liberation. It is the beginning of the path, the middle of the path, and the never-ending end of the path.

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The Path to the Holy Grail

There is an original universal Science. It is the Gnosis, the knowledge of the Divine reality. It is not a written wisom but it is a radiation, a luminous activity. There is also a fundamental universal Religion. It does not depend on appearances but on establishing and maintaining the flow of Divine Light between the Father and the Son, between God and Man. And thirdly there is the Original Art, the Royal Art, which is the act as performed in the radiation of the universal science and the universal religion. It is the art of bringing life and humanity back to Divine Harmony rather than arranging things in our own favour.

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Some essential questions

An important aspect of the Universal Teachings is the idea that each human being is confronted over and over with the fundamental questions of life, the questions of the Sphinx:

 Who am I?

Where do I come from?

Where am I going?

These questions are ones that many human beings, irrespective of their different intentions, would like to have answered.

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Escaping from the prison of time and space

Long ago humanity descended into the world of time and space from a completely different realm, from another dimension. The world which we experience, the world we perceive with our sensory organs, is one in which numerous opposites are kept in balance. But the completely different realm from which original mankind descended was the original, spiritual field of creation. Time and space were generated from this original spiritual field as a radiation field of a lower vibration. The original soul being lies 'imprisoned' as it were in time and space.

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Becoming an Aquarius Human being

We usually try to avoid what is not good, whether culturally, socially or spiritually. We try to focus on what is good, useful and desirable. We then consider ourselves to be reasonable and enlightened human beings. And sometimes we may even experience a glimpse of the purely spiritual, and call it Light, or Spirit, or an intense awareness in the present. Truly becoming enlightened, however, truly living in the timeless present can be achieved only by the Divine Eternal Soul. The I-being is always bound to ordinary life in space and time, both through the senses and also by means of karma. This reality confronts every striving human being with a great dilemma!

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Admonition of the soul

"Do not think that any one of the things of which you must seek to get knowledge is outside of you; no, all things that you ought to get knowledge of are within you. Beware then of being led into error by seeking elsewhere the things which are in your possession.  Many men forget where these things are to be found, and look for them outside themselves, and are thereby led into error, but afterwards remember that these things are within them and not outside of them. The things of which you have to get knowledge exist for ever without cause; and none of those things is outside of you. But the things outside you are those which are from the first distinct from you; that is, they are taken up in the process of rising, shining and fading. Call yourself back then to yourself, O Soul......."

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The peace that surpasses all understanding

Generally speaking, we consider as good what is nice and pleasant for us or what corresponds to our ideas. And the opposite we then consider as evil. Hence it is entirely logical that with regard to this aspect a chaotic situation has developed here on earth.The Good, the Only-Good, be found in our field of life. The Good is for us, earthlings, an unknowable reality. However, it is humanity's task to try and solve its problems as well as possible in the context of the earthly phenomena of good and evil. Does this mean that we should push aside everything concerning good and evil of this world as useless and hopeless? Hermes Trismegistus says about our struggle with good and evil: `Thus it is with regard to human goodness and human beauty. And we can neither escape nor hate them, for the hardest thing of all is that we need them and cannot live without them.' 

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