The gnostic meaning of the annual Christian celebrations

The gnostic meaning of the annual Christian celebrations


For millions of years, humanity has passed through deep experiences
in order to be able to set out on a journey again.

The ultimate goal of that journey is the return to the divine Spirit field,
that is the original human life field.


For millions of years, efforts have been undertaken from this Spirit field
to stimulate humanity to fulfil its high calling,
namely to achieve transfiguration.

This transfiguration makes our life system suitable
for being taken up in the divine Spirit field.

The possibilities for this are organically present in every human being.

They can be found in our mental faculty that should be fully developed to this end.


However, humanity clings to the earth.

This causes a continuous process of crystallisation,
a process that prevents humanity from ascending to the original life field.


Many catastrophes have already struck humanity
in order to protect it from further crystallisation.

In this way, the possibility for the process of transfiguration is kept open for humanity.


In the context of these corrective catastrophes
we should not think of avenging divine justice but of a form of restoration.


In order to understand this, we should realise that the universe forms a unity,
in which everything is connected with everything.


In the universe, we find macrocosm, cosmos and microcosm.

Our life system, the microcosm, forms an organic part of the cosmos and the macrocosm.


If an entity in this unity opposes the Divine plan of creation,
as for example in the case of too strong bonds to the earth,
reactions will always develop, not as punishment, but as a correction.


The macrocosm is a self-correcting system,

in which restoration of the cosmic and intercosmic balance

always occurs under the influence of the laws of nature.



Because of the descent of the Christ impulse into the heart of the earth,
humanity has been and still is enabled to accomplish transfiguration
– that is: calling forth the Spirit-Soul human being –
since the beginning of the Christian era.

We are not only enabled to realise the rebirth of the soul,
but also truly to go the path by transformation of everything lower into the higher
in the power of the Universal Christ.


The transfiguration is the complete regeneration of the microcosm,
a process of new human genesis – in the likeness of God.


All of us can walk the path of transfiguration,
because we possess a mental faculty.

The thinking faculty and the mind enable a human being to become a Gnostic,
in other words, one who knows.

However, these faculties human beings have at their disposal,
have been and still are used for maintaining their undivine life.

Should we be amazed that the unholy fire generated in this way
is now on the brink of being poured out upon the whole of humanity?


The Christ Atom

Each cosmic era has a specific influence and effect on the human soul.

The cosmic radiations propel and direct the development of the human consciousness.

These developments determine the human faculties and possibilities in such an era.


During the Age of Pisces, the more than 2000 years humanity has now passed through,
humanity has been closely linked with the activity of the heart.

The great aim was to reawaken the dormant divine Light-spark in the heart,
so that it could address the consciousness again directly.


This Light-spark or Rose of the Heart, this Christ atom,
is the rudimentary remnant of the original, divine life.

As a grain of seed, it carries all possibilities in it
for perfect renewal as intended by God.

This jewel is waiting in human beings until the moment arrives,
when it begins to remember its divine origin again.

Matured through many experiences, the human heart is filled
with yearning for the original House of the Father.


The longing of the heart resounds as an emergency call through cosmic space.

And it is a law that the Love Light of the Universal Christ will react.

It will awaken the dormant Light-spark.

A process of new soul development begins.

This is the process that is described in the Gospels.

The Christian annual celebrations are culmination points in this development.


Annual celebrations as a metaphor of the Path

Annual celebrations like Christmas, Easter and Pentecost draw our attention to the Bible.

The Holy Scriptures show humanity the Way, the Truth and the Perfect Life.

In the Bible much is expressed in veiled language,
but the human being who truly seeks will find the key to understand these texts.


The annual celebrations are metaphors for the Path human beings can go,
when they become aware again of being children of God.


In the centre of our microcosm, in our heart,
the Light-spark or Christ atom can be found.

When this Divine atom in the heart is activated,
a new sanctifying force will emanate from it.

Then a new Light begins to manifest itself in the heart.

This is the birth of the Christ child: Christmas.


This Light birth is the result of our longing for True Life.

This longing creates the inner space needed to make the Light to be born.


Thus, from the birth cave in the heart, the light begins to circulate in our being.

We become increasingly filled with its effects.

Proceeding on this way, in this `imitation of Christ',
we more and more withdraw from the earthly developments,
and we are looking forward to the unification with the Spirit.


This leads us to the sacrifice, to bearing the cross and to the crucifixion,
to the decline of the earthly human being, the resurrection of the Spirit-Soul human being,
and the reunion with the Father, the Spirit.


Anyone who wants to go the Path of Life should start now, in this earthly life,
to enter the Path of the Cross.

When someone enters this Path, he puts his heart on the Cross.

That is what Easter has to tell us.


Next, we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost.

By self-surrender to the inner Light
a human being is made suitable for the descent of the Holy Spirit.

A fire is kindled in us.

Then a fiery beckoning, calling light emanates from us.

Then we are children of the Fire, linked with the Universal Wisdom.

Then we speak the language of the seekers,
although in different tongues, but with one meaning,
namely that we should return to our Origin, to the House of the Father.

This is only possible by total surrender to the inner Christ principle.


These are crucial moments in our life,
provided we truly begin to understand and experience them.


We are living on this earth as in a spell,
until this spell is broken by our numerous experiences;
until the insight has grown in a human being
that a totally different purpose underlies his life.

Gnostic philosophy can only be accepted by the human being,
who has succeeded in detaching himself from the spell of the earth.

Then our eyes are turned inward to the Rose of the Heart,
and the voice of this immortal instrument can be heard.

In this way, the earthly caricature of the Inner Experience is removed.

In this way, the carnivalesque nature of the I-human being disappears
and the human being is the humble pilgrim on his way to becoming a Child of God.


The Johannine human being

The Biblical annual celebrations are in fact processes of development
that can occur in every human being.

In the beginning of the New Testament, the Gospel describes two figures,
namely John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ.

They show the path of soul liberation to every human being.

They point out the great and glorious purpose of the self-surrender to that process.

They exemplify it.

In this way, the whole process of the Christian teachings of salvation
is actually revealed to every human being.


John is the nature-born human being.

After many experiences, he has understood that the nature of darkness
will never provide the right answer to the inner longing.

From his heart, an unbridled longing for light, for truth emanates.

This Johannine human being has turned around.

Only in that way he can experience the call from the Divine nature,
the call that resounds to seek what has been lost.


Now he is determined to walk the path of true life
and to accept all its consequences wholeheartedly.

He makes the paths straight for the Divine nucleus in his microcosm.


Thus he is linked with original nature again.

And in that way, he can also show the path to others and share that power.

That is why he is called a prophet and a baptist.

All of us are invited to become such a Johannine human being.


The Jesus human being

By the path of preparation in the Johannine stage,
the birth of Jesus in the human heart becomes possible.

The Rose, the true soul nucleus, is vivified.

Light enters into the human heart.

In that light, the chaotic state of the human system becomes really visible.

People have chosen for the life of the Soul, yet they are still almost daily confronted
with the rut, the habituation and the old lack of freedom of life.

These are astral bonds that quite regularly force themselves
upon human beings striving for freedom.


Many delusions, which were once believed, must be seen through;
old masks, behind which we were hiding, will be pulled away and removed.

Here we see the true meaning of carnival:
we are going to see through our own delusion.

We celebrate the feast of unmasking, of seeing through our magnetic bonds.

It is the threefold celebration of transmutation,
of cleaning up and purification of head, heart and actions.

Thus we are standing in a process of new faith and new hope.

We love the New Life that has been born in us.


After carnival follows a period of 40 days of fasting.

In the number 40, we see the zero, symbol of the circle of eternity,
from which four forces strengthen the soul.

They are the holy foods, the pure building materials of the Spirit, the divine radiations.


They are:
the pure thinking matter,
the pure astral substance,
the original ethers or vital forces
and the Universal material power.


In those forces, the Jesus human being prepares himself for his path of the cross of life.


The birth of the Spirit-Soul

Without a sanctuary, it is virtually impossible
to resist the many attacks of the old astral forces.

Even the Initiate Paul sighs:

`When I want to do right, evil lies close at hand.'

The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross is such a sanctuary.

Here the powers of the Christ hierarchy are at the service of every human being,
who is striving for soul-liberating life.

To that end, the School maintains an astral magnetic light field of pure Christ power,
a living body.

Every serious seeker can be taken up in this Living Body, this Corpus Christi.

When such a person truly turns the teachings received into the practice of his daily life,
he will be able to do everything necessary through that Christ power.

He will follow Jesus on his way of the cross.

The new soul will grow in this human being.

He experiences the crucifixion when everything old dies in Christ,
but he continues and celebrates his feast of the resurrection.

The Spirit-Soul has been born.


The soul has become detached from the turmoil of the old nature
and ascends to heaven.

The breath of the Holy Spirit fills the respiration field of the microcosm
with its Fiery Power, with New Creative Power.

This is the true Feast of Pentecost.


And in that power, we are also able to help others
and to pass on the gospel by perfectly exemplifying it.


Thus we have been allowed to reflect in this hour on the course of humanity
and on the path of liberation that one day every human child can go.

We hope that this shining trail of renewal,
described in the Gospels, may for all of you be a beacon on your path through life.


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