The heart as source for spiritual development

On behalf of the International School of the Golden Rosycross we cordially welcome you to this reflection on the mysteries of the heart entitled: ‘The Heart as source for Spiritual Development.’
We begin by reading a few lines from the Corpus Hermeticum of Hermes Trismegistus:

Where are you hurrying, O man, you whose minds are clouded
because you are drunk with the word that lacks all Gnosis,
the word of absolute ignorance that does not agree with you
and that you will vomit in the end?
Stop and become sober: see again with the eyes of your heart!

Look for the guide, who will lead you to the gates of the Gnosis,
where the clear light shines and there is no darkness;
where all are sober and look up with their hearts
to Him who wishes to be known.
His Voice cannot be heard and His Name cannot be pronounced,
nor can material eyes view Him. Only the Spirit-Soul is capable of so doing.

The mysteries of the heart are multifaceted and profound.
Our mind can penetrate them only to a certain level.
The heart plays a central role in all spiritual teachings and traditions that point to the path of liberation.
It is the beginning of the path, the middle of the path,
and the never-ending end of the path.
Why does the heart fulfil such a special function in the process we refer to as
liberation, the re-union with the divine life?
Heart also means centre, nucleus, focus.
And in the human body it is the central point from which Life is manifested and maintained.
Why is this particular organ an instrument for the Divine Light?
In a wonderful rhythm of contraction and relaxation the heart supplies our bodies with energy throughout an entire lifetime.
And energy is the key word for the new era in which we live.
We learned about it in school, and modern physics reveals that everything is energy.
Even the most solid, compact form is – at its essence – pure energy.
Right in the deepest core of the atom there are small energy particles
which know exactly how to behave
and how to cooperate with other energy particles.
That is why we say that: energy is information.
Above a certain threshold even concepts such as distance and time cease to exist.
We recognize that all matter and soul is energy and that all energy is information; in other words: knowledge, intelligence,
and at the most profound level, wisdom and spirit are entirely energy.

- - - - - - -
The cells of the heart have a wonderful feature:
they are able to communicate with each other in such a way that time, distance and space cease playing a part.
They behave like energy-particles on a higher level,
because at the true soul-level time and distance have no meaning.
That is why the heart is the transmitter of a very high energy, soul energy.
And because energy is always information – in fact they are two words for the same thing – we can speak of “information-energy”, the highest level of which is Spirit.
Our heart uninterruptedly radiates waves of information-energy
to all our cells, our organs and all parts of our body.
Each of the millions of heart cells beats in a common rhythm with the other cells of the heart, in a continuous subtle and mutual communication.
An orchestra with millions of players performs – in an unimaginable rhythmic unity – the symphony that makes it possible for us to feel and hear the mystery of life through the beating our own heart.
This is:
an energy-mystery that reveals itself on the physical level;
an energy-mystery that works on the soul-level and
an energy-mystery that accomplishes the miracles of the Spirit.
So our heart is the most suitable instrument through which the Divine Spirit can reveal itself in a human being.
We all possess a silent messenger of the Divine Being resting in our heart as the Spirit-Spark. At the same time this silent messenger is omnipresent.
- - - - - - -
There are mysteries hidden in our hearts,
and our thinking cannot possibly dream about them
nor even imagine them.
The mystery becomes even more profound when we lovingly realize and consider that a Spark of Divine Light is present in our heart.
The heart plays an eminent role in the practice of the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross, because the Divine Light Spark, the germ of eternal Life, resides there.
Divine light is indivisible; it is omnipresent in its activity; it is a unity, beyond time and space.
A Spark of this divine Light is also at the centre of our true being;
it is the central point, and also omnipresent.
The essence of the Divine Light is infinite.
It is in us and around us.
Our heart is the transformer of the Light.
Christ can be born within us with every heartbeat.
Our heart beats about a hundred thousand times a day,
that is nearly forty million times a year.
In seventy years that amounts to almost three billion heartbeats.
We might ask:
Is it possible that human beings do not experience the Light-call from their hearts, the knocking on the door of their existence, at least once in their lifetime?
We are constantly aware of our heart.
It has its own tone, its own wonderful symphony of life;
we can feel it and hear it.
We sense its continual presence as a physical witness of the eternal presence of the Divine Light.
- - - - - - -
Hermes said: His Voice cannot be heard and His Name cannot be pronounced,
nor can material eyes view Him. Only the Spirit-Soul is capable of so doing.
Our ego, our earthly I-being with its material eyes lives in our head.
It is, obviously, formed through many factors,
but it has its main seat in the brain.
The voice of the I-being is never silent.
The activity in the brain is like a waterfall, loud and constant.
And like a waterfall it descends from the brain into our body.
The voice of the ego flows to all parts of our body via the nerves that extend from the brain throughout our entire body.
This ego controls and rules the body
and is not willing to release its grip.
Physical self-maintenance is a natural and normal routine for the earthly human being.
This mechanism of self-defense, however, also controls our feeling, willing and thinking faculties, and has therefore become a major part of the overall expression of our being, of our I-consciousness.
It is interesting to note that the brain never sleeps.
Considerations of self-maintenance just continue throughout the night, also in dreams.
All fears originate in the brain.
In actual fact, there is only one underlying fear: the existential fear of death, however it may be clothed.
So the ego continually seeks new stimuli for without those distractions it would have to face its fear.
True rest and silence are torments for the brain.
Excessive talking is a common way for people to escape from silence.
- - - - - - -
See again with the eyes of your heart, Hermes said.
And the magnetic field of the heart can lead us to the silence of pure divine being.
Through silence the brain-ego is dethroned,
and the wrongful master becomes the servant, for as long as that is necessary.
The true role intended for the brain is serving, not ruling,
for the brain should ultimately become the throne of the Spirit.
As said before, energy is always information,
and information in its purest state is Spirit.
The original meaning of the word spirit is movement, stirring, activity.
Think in this connection of the movement or the stirring of the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit of God is blowing throughout the Universe.
Spirit-energy is always moving.
Hermes Trismegistus says that all movement arises from something
and occurs in something that itself is immovable;
and intuition whispers these words to us from the depth of our hearts.
- - - - - - -
There is an energy of such a high vibration and velocity
that the word ‘high’ is inadequate.
If we were to call it “absolutely high”, even that imposes restriction.
Spirit-energy is so “high” and so “fast” that it is everywhere simultaneously –
it is omnipresent.
It is in fact no longer energy, but the source of all energy – the immovable cause of all movement: silence.
It is pure omnipresent being.
Wherever the Divine Spirit energy is active, silence is present as the eternal background.
For everything originates out of silence, from the infinite being Itself.
Meister Eckhart once said:
“In the entire All-manifestation there is nothing that is more like God than silence.”
With every heartbeat the mysterious power of silence is born in us,
because the heart is the instrument through which the energies of the Spirit are able to work.
As soon as the ego of the brain sacrifices itself completely
to these energies that flow into our being through the heart, then
through silence comes liberation, the re-union with the Divine Life.
As soon as the ego recognizes its total lack of power, then there is only one remaining possibility for the brain, and that is:
to look up to the mountain from which all help will come.
The Mount of Salvation has its summit in the heart,
its slopes spread out in infinite space,
and its base is the omnipresent silence.
The summit of the mountain in our heart has a magnetic attracting power;
silence draws us to itself.
Self-surrender to this silence is not an act of the I-being,
because every action of the I-being is a confirmation of the I-being.
It is the Spirit-Spark-Atom vibrating in our heart that attracts our attention to this silence.
The I-being gives way to the healing whisperings of the heart,
In silent surprise about the miracle that is accomplished in his or her being.
And from the heart resounds the voice of the great Mystery:
“Be silent, O pupil, and I will spread my wonders in you.”
- - - - - - -
We would like to conclude this reflection by wishing
that the Light-Power may fill your entire being.



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