This time we would like to reflect on the realisation of our true identity
on the basis of the ideas of the philosopher Lao Tzu.

Through the ages his views have testified of the magnificent universal wisdom.

The images used have been unveiled for us by Mr Jan van Rijckenborgh.


We would like to place each other before a few words,
which refer to the mystery and the essence of all manifestation,
the primordial foundation of all things: Tao.

This word may be translated as our well-known word God, the Logos or Gnosis.

This Tao cannot be spoken.

It cannot be described to its full extent.

It is generated from itself and has its roots in itself.

It can be presumed, but not known.

Before heaven and earth existed, It was in all eternity.


Two human figures


Tao brings forth one.

One brings forth two.

Two brings forth three.

Three brings forth the ten thousand things.


By these simple words Lao Tzu places the mystery of life before our consciousness.


From Tao, the power that is not created, but that is, that was and that will be,
the One originates, Its activity, Its Spirit.

Through this activity, the receiving, the second principle,
the World Mother, is manifested.

The World Mother refers to a field of pure, unsullied, astral substance.

From this Mother, the whole of Creation must be brought forth.

By means of this Mother power, the Father's plan of creation
must become a reality.


From the Father radiate divine sparks, containing the Spirit of God.

The divine spark is the divine seed.

Everything that is contained in this divine spark
must come to maturity, to manifestation,
through contact with the World Mother, that is the astral field.

From the Mother, through the seed of the Father, the Spirit,
being a child of God becomes a glorious reality.


Through the ages, the great significance of the centre of this tri-unity,
the World Mother, has not or hardly been understood.

This centre is a field that has been concentrated around each realm of life,
in which divine sparks are being developed.

In this field, flows are being maintained; radiations emanate from it.

From this powerful source all children of God are nourished.


In the sacred writings of all times we can read about
`the immeasurable ocean of primal substance' and also about `the water of life'.

From this one power Life must be explained.

Without this life power, no manifested phenomenon
can be referred to with the word `Life'.


And we, do we recognise ourselves as an unsullied expression
of this all-encompassing life power?

You will be able to answer this question yourselves.

The world we shape speaks for itself.

Someone born of this nature does not live from the pure astral field of the World Mother.


We have originated from and are maintained by the astral field of the false mother,
in fairytales expressed by the archetype of the stepmother.

That is the astral field of our world.


That is why we are bound to a totally different directedness in life
and consequently show a very different mode of life,
resulting in a quite different outcome than that of those
who worship and serve the World Mother.


Now see the great contrast, see the two figures:
the human being living directly out of his source of creation,
and the human being born of and living out of this nature.

Both emanate from a divine spark, the immortal nucleus of the human system.




We were speaking of two types of human beings,
both emanating from a divine spark.

The first type lives out of the astral field of the World Mother,
in which the Spirit of God is manifested and makes itself clearly known.

In it, the true child of God, the true human being,
is manifested from and by the divine spark.


The wisdom that is God Himself, can directly and perfectly
utilise the intellectual faculty.


No aspect of the mode of life, not a single result of it,
is based on speculation or is to be regretted.

On the contrary, all thinking, acting, willing and feeling
manifest the true identity of the human being, the glory of Tao.


Just compare this with the other human being.

He is bound to the chaotic forces of this world.

Is he a human being in the true meaning of the word,
a manas, a thinker, a Son of God?


He isn't, because he is still imprisoned in the non-transparent web of the forces of this world.

His manifestation, his genesis out of and through the divine spark, has stagnated.


And now, through Lao Tzu,
the voice from the distant past speaks the Universal words:


What is imperfect will become perfect.

What is crooked will become straight.

What is empty will become full.

What is worn out will become new.


These words fill all, who begin to behold their inner state of being,
with longing and courage.

They want to cooperate in the great, holy work,
a work that refers to a process of four stages,
with four great possibilities, lying before us:


  1. the way of perfection,
  2. making straight the paths,
  3. filling what is empty,
  4. the renewing process of transfiguration.




What is imperfect will become perfect.

What is crooked will become straight.

What is empty will become full.

What is worn out will become new.


When listening to this text by Lao Tzu, you may have thought
that this was some kind of mystically stimulating word.

Something like: `Persevere and keep going, everything will be alright,'
while it doesn't really matter very much what is said and how it is said,
as long as it demonstrates some sort of loving intention:

`What is crooked will certainly become straight.'


No, the nature of these words, the order in which they are expressed,
and hence their structure, is in keeping with a law of the divine nature
that governs the way in which creation and creatures are manifested.

This is what we know as far as God's creature, the true human being, is concerned:


After a period of preparation, called involution,
the human being is faced with a task, called evolution.

Hence, involution is the descent, is being wrapped up in matter;
evolution is the un-wrapping, the liberation from matter.


Contrary to what many people think,
this evolution is certainly not an automatic process.

Evolution does not happen by itself;
the human being needs to enable it to happen
and to realise his true identity himself.


He needs to magnify the divine aim in himself and by himself,
without being forced, voluntarily, and in understanding and love.

That is why the human being is offered the way of perfection
at the beginning of the path of self-realisation,
the way of magnifying the inner God.


The human being is informed about the whole plan.

This is what is meant by the statement: `What is imperfect will become perfect.'

Everyone who recognises this inwardly, will see the way of perfection before him.

The plan that is then unveiled, must be put into practice.

It must be fulfilled by the human being himself, in free will and devotion,
with an all-encompassing interest and profound love.


The power that is present in the centre enables everyone to attain the goal.

It will be clear that all who recognise this power,
will have no problem with making the paths straight.

Yes, they will with great interest and naturally use all opportunities
to walk the path of perfection shown.

What is crooked will become straight.


The ‘I’ should dicrease


The process of `making the paths straight' means making all preparations,
creating all conditions for returning to the point of departure.

Whoever is going to put this into practice,
will correct anything that inhibits this return.

Hence, he will engage in a very renewing mode of life,
ultimately resulting in being able to fill what is empty.

What does Lao Tzu mean by this?

Well, if any human being proves to be able to persevere in the renewing mode of life,
because he brings his soul to the point where it will be refreshed
on the basis of his increasing power of discernment,
then what is empty will be filled.


The human being of this world is empty of the prana of life.

This original astral power, the life force of the Mother of Life,
needs to flow into the personality system again.


In this phase the human being is filled with new soul power:

`What is empty will be filled.'

The system is again filled with new energy of life.


Now the fourth great possibility can be applied.

For how could it be otherwise: `What is worn out will become new.'

The renewal of transfiguration will unfold.


And thus also the following words prove to be directly linked to this process.

Lao Tzu says:

`With little "It" is gained. With much one deviates from "It".'


And although these words are amazingly simple,
they fully point to the revolutionary nature of the gnostic path of self-realisation.


To become something as to the true self,
we need to empty ourselves completely as to our old self.

The human being needs to practice not-being.

He must have the courage to descend to a state of being insignificant.

`With little "It" is gained; with much one deviates from "It".'


Lao Tzu surpassed all in his knowledge of human nature.

Hence he recommended the following for becoming insignificant, for decreasing.


  1. one does not seek to shine,
  2. one does not overrate oneself,
  3. one does not boast,
  4. one does not want to be first,
  5. one stands in non-conflict.


This refers to a fivefold revolution.

Then the inner Other One will be able to increase, because the old self decreases.

Then the voice of the nucleus principle in the heart will resound.

Then the encounter with `It', with Tao can be celebrated.


The living soul


Whoever has realised, by practising the fivefold self-revolution,
the four great possibilities we have been speaking about,
will experience that everything will yield to him.

This means that this human being has undone `his being bound to the old nature'
and has realised his true identity.

This is a miraculous event.


It is helpful to have some idea of what this entails.

A tool, an instrument, can prove its effectiveness and purpose only
if it is used in the right way.

The human personality is such an instrument.

It has the task of proving itself.


But the tool keeps on being wrongly applied, and so it is destroyed by death,
and keeps on having to be regenerated via birth in nature.

However, when the living soul begins to guide the personality,
at the same time death will become a thing of the past
and death in nature will be overcome.


Without the living soul-state the personality is always incomplete, and will remain so.

This sounds logical enough.

Hence we may wonder why humanity doesn't understand it.

The cause lies in the fact that, when the personality is born,
it is equipped with a natural state of consciousness.


Now people mistake this natural consciousness for the living soul-state.

And that makes them think that any shortcomings will gradually disappear
if only the natural consciousness is subjected to sufficient culture.

Alas, the nature-born human being will discover
that the imperfect can never be made perfect,
unless all aspects of the perfect have been brought together
and are enabled to function in combination.


The great miracle of creation is that every aspect of the perfect human being
is alive in itself, and hence that life is threefold.

There is the life of the personality,
the life of the soul
and the life of the spirit.

If these three are combined, and each one is in the divinely intended state,
yes, then the true, divine human being will be able to live.


Tao, the Logos, brings forth one: the activity.

One brings forth two: the ensouling power.

Two brings forth three: the shape, by which the activity and ensoulment,
the Plan and the Idea of the Logos, can be expressed.


Do you see, do you experience the great and glorious task, to which we have been called?

Are you beginning to feel anything of the tremendous possibilities intended for us,
provided we are prepared to put our lives in the service of the inner Other One?


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