The inner Christ

Dear friends,



The fact that you have come to this site
might be an indication that you are seeking silence.

Perhaps you would like to take time to reflect on the values and mysteries of life
in the stillness of this room.

Perhaps you are moved by the miracle of life,
by the breathing, thinking human being,
and expect that something valuable underlies your life.

Possibly you are longing to gain the right insight in this respect.

Let us together focus our attention on the essence of our longing.




Fundamentally, the human being is divine, immortal.

Yet we, earth-bound people, are mortal.

Through the ages it has always been propagated
that human beings have a possibility to return to their original divine state.

For many people, this has remained just theory and varnish.

Yet the Holy Language always emphasises that the divine is very near to us.

Thus we can read:

`Let no one lead you astray with the words "Lo, here it is or there",
for the Kingdom of God is within you.

Seek it with all your strength,
for it is nearer than hands and feet.'


From this we may conclude that all knowledge concerning God and Life
is lying hidden within us.


However, each of us individually must decide
whether he lets this knowledge be manifested in him.

This requires reflection, and also: silence.

By silence we create room within ourselves,
room without all the noise of earthly nature.

Then it becomes possible to hear the soft voice of the inner Kingdom.




In the centre of our microcosm, in the heart,
the Rose of the Heart, the Spirit-spark atom,
also called the Christ atom, can be found.
This atom belongs to another nature than the atoms of our physical body.

The physical atoms belong to earthly nature.

The Spirit-spark atom belongs to the divine nature.

It is the atom, of which the poet says:

`One Divine atom should be preferred over a thousand gardens of Eden.'


When this Divine atom becomes active in the heart,
a new sanctifying Power emanates from it.

A new Light begins to be manifested in the heart,
which can be called: the birth of the new, Divine Soul.


Once this new Soul Light, this Christ Light, begins to radiate in the heart
and flows into your being, this spiritual stream will set all atoms of our personality aglow.

The result is a new consciousness.


In other words, through this new Soul and the new consciousness,
Spiritual Power flows into the body and brings about transfiguration:
that is the restoration of the original unity of body, soul and spirit.

That is the Mystery of the Evangelical rebirth.


Then the `Gold of the Spirit' will be created from the `lead of nature',
and the perishable will change into the imperishable,
as Paul says in his first letter to the Corinthians.


`What is sown is perishable, what is raised is imperishable.

It is sown in dishonour, it is raised in glory.

It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power.

It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body.

If there is a physical body, there is also a spiritual body.'




We are standing at the beginning of a new era.

The period lying ahead is called the Age of Aquarius.

It signifies the beginning of a new chapter in the development of the earth and humanity.

The influences of Aquarius are making themselves felt ever more strongly,
as a result of which the world and humanity will experience radical changes.

The characteristics of Aquarius make it possible that the always present Christ power
can affect the human being in the heart in an intensive way.

The point of contact of this Power is the Christ atom or the Rose of the Heart.

This Power has the effect of breaking up the human being as to the old nature
and of renewing him as to the new ensoulment.

This Christ Power approaches us from the original Divine Field of Life
and constantly increases in strength and vibration.


Due to the influence of this new intercosmic radiation, the structure of the earthly atmosphere undergoes a gradual but significant change on the basis of a profound divine intention.


Because we know to what extent we are linked with the surrounding atmosphere,
the respiration substance, we can also imagine that,
when this atmosphere changes, this will necessarily and very strongly influence
the natural, moral and spiritual behaviour of humanity.

Hence the Age of Aquarius contains great and glorious possibilities for human beings,
who can react positively to this atmospheric Christ power.

They will experience that the inner Christ lives.

But the human being who is unable to adjust himself to them as to body, soul and spirit,
will be confronted with great difficulties.


In order constantly to be able to react positively to this atmospheric Christ power
a mediator is needed, namely the new, reborn Soul.

For only this New Soul is able to become Spirit-Soul
and to forge a permanent link with the divine nature.


We may now ask: How do we achieve the birth and construction of the New Soul?

The answer is: by opening up the Rose of the Heart,
in other words, by admitting the atmospheric Christ power into the heart.

The Rose, the Christ atom, this nucleus principle in the heart,
lies as a dormant promise hidden in every human being.

The rose can be touched by the Christ Light,
when the noise of the world and of our own Ego become silent for a moment
and stillness and silence descend into our being
on the basis of an intense longing.


In this respect, the Brotherhood of the Golden Rosycross may lend a helping hand.

It offers teachings and suggestions to all who are longing for soul renewal.

Seekers are embedded in a Power field, a radiation field,
which is attuned to the atmospheric Christ power
and can be tolerated by seeking human beings.

In this Power Field they can walk a path of spiritual development.

This concerns a Path of development of the consciousness
and of construction of the New Soul.




Who is Christ?

Christ is Love, Wisdom, Strength,
the Source that brings forth the inner Light.

Do not think that Jesus Christ is a Divine Being outside you.

Christ, the great Saviour, has been lying within you from the beginning
as a grain of seed, as a Rosebud, as a last remnant of your original Divine Being.

When we are going to devote ourselves to that last remnant,
which can only be manifested in the radiation of the Fountain of all Life,
a Jesus man will be born of that hidden seed,
in other words, a perfect Soul human being.


We are told:

`And when Christ be born a thousand times in Bethlehem,
and not within you, you would still be lost.'

`In vain you have beheld the cross of Golgotha,
if you did not build the Rose heart within you.'


Inwardly possessing God, or the inner Jesus Christ,
is the point where all mysteries converge,
like the rays in the centre of a circle.

The most sublime of all religions is fulfilled in it.


If the human being recognises that he carries the nucleus principle of the Divine within him,
and if he is able to stir up this fire, this flame, by deep longing in the heart,
his faith turns into inner Knowledge.

Filled with trust, he will then set his foot upon the path to Life:
the first step has then been set.


This path to life leads from Bethlehem to Golgotha,
in which process the Jesus man transfigures into a Christ,
into the only-begotten Son who will re-unite with his Origin, with his Father in Heaven.

This path is the Via Dolorosa.

It is the Path of the Rose and the Cross.




The Path to Life leads us along the narrow road from self-knowledge to self-surrender,
to detachment, to a total unification with the inner Christ principle.

In the uncovering Light we experience:
everything within us is impure, encapsulated by the web of vanity,
covered with the dust of the earth.

Our will is the ox, burdened by the yoke of its passions.

Our reason is the mule that is bound by the stubbornness of its opinions,
by its prejudices and follies.

In this poor and damaged dwelling, in this abode of animal passions,
in this stable of the heart, Jesus Christ can be born in us by our Perfect Faith.

The simplicity of our souls is like the shepherds, who brought their first sacrifices,
until ultimately the three most prominent forces of our royal dignity (the three magi)
bow to earth and offer Him the gifts of Truth, Wisdom and Love.


In this way the stable of our heart is transmuted into an outward Temple,
in which Jesus Christ teaches us.

But this Temple is still filled with Scribes and Pharisees,
the pigeon traders and money-dealers, who must be expelled first.

The Temple must be turned into a House of Prayer.


By way of a process, Jesus Christ chooses the good forces in us to announce Him.

He heals our blindness, cleanses our leprosy
and awakens the dead forces within us to Living Powers.

In us He is crucified, dies and is gloriously resurrected as Victor.






May the Inner Christ be born within you
and may He show you the path leading to true understanding
and to the Life of Perfection.



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