The spiritual Path of the Rosycross

From all the creations on earth, only man is a dual being:
his body and consciousness is of this nature, was born here, therefore it is mortal; 
his microcosm, however, is immortal, it is from “God’s clan” but it is without a connection to the divine spirit because that has fully withdrawn from it due to the fall with the exception of a small atomic “spark”, the spirit spark.

What is the meaning of my life?

Two worlds that are basically foreign to each other meet in man. They were connected to one other sort of temporarily, based on a rescue plan. Man’s life is taking place in the middle of the painful and revealing/unveiling clashes of these two worlds. We are urged towards the happiness and wellbeing we were originally destined for, by an unconscious instinct that can only be explained by our divine origin in the past. We long for freedom, equality and justice, and we strive to create this dreamed Paradise within this transient world by each aspiration of the personality.

On the other hand, the self lives its selfish life, constantly assertive and trying to justify itself, forced to stay standing, maintaining itself on the battlefield of everyday life.

That’s how man gains experience through pain and suffering, gains consciousness through experience and gets to know the limits of his personality through this consciousness. He contemplates the meaning of life and begins to search.

What is your goal?

That is how the microcosmic being is chained to the laws of birth and death, cause and effect. This will go on until a sufficiently conscious personality is born in the microcosm due to the treasures of experience gathered from several incarnations, making it able to understand the reason why man is tied to matter and capable of undoing these ties. However, he will not find the reason of his captivity in the circumstances, only in himself. The life force turned towards self-glorification and the self-maintaining personality created from it have to be conquered and given up in order that the living soul being can once again take the place he deserves. Therefore the irrevocable purpose of human life in this nature is the recreation of the original divine human.   

Exchanging the mundane for divine – transfiguration

The purpose of life is liberation through transfiguration; this means ascension in the absolute, God. However, our self keeps constraining this level of completion according to its own limitations. If the absolute is the goal that means theoretically everyone is capable of ascending in the absolute. The only condition is: losing the self fully and unconditionally.


Therefore we are standing at the threshold, at a sensitive point without a way out, from where there is no return. This is the often quoted nadir from the Gnostic scriptures, the zero point. It is, however, the due nature of man in this world to shrink back from this point and try to avoid it. Why? Because this “deadlock” is literally dead for the self, a place without space and time where there is no way for development in the dialectic sense. This is the gate to eternity. At this point – where the self runs aground with its every ability, imagination and activity – the “return to the new beginning” comes true.
What we say about this here and now, is not a projection of theoretical options in the future. You only have to be willing and you can step close to this mysterious point in any moment of your life – fully losing your self so that the “point of no return” can truly become a new beginning!

Three rules

At this point there are three rules to heed.

These are:

  1. the law of completion,  
  2. the law of evolution and
  3. the law of brotherhood.

The law of completion is the basis. Completion and perfection are where there is no self. Completion lies in the blind spot of the self. It becomes effective by the touch of the spirit spark atom; it is fulfilled in the son of completion, born from the Father as the law of the New Covenant that bears witness to the new intellect, new emotion and new action. This is the birth of the new soul in the rose of the heart, the “Ex Deo nascimur” – that is, “inflamed by the spirit of God”.

Losing the self and thus being renewed and complete is the only thing that matters. Completion only resides in the zero point where unification is the law. The law of unity becomes alive when detached from the self, from the individual. A new circuit of consciousness will lift man into the new life. This is not the future, not utopia but timely reality! But only if you consequently give up the dialectic pursuit, empty yourself inside and truly give space for the new reality.

But this is not all: The law of completion through giving up the self is followed by the law of growth. For the Father’s perfection to flow into this world, the applicant must devote himself: “Give and you shall be given!” This is the magical formula of escalating renewal. Nothing is more effective and beneficial on the path of liberation than total surrender. Standing in the completion as sons of God, we are more and more seized by the immeasurable universal perspectives of liberation. The engulfing flames of self-surrender pervade the entire human being, burning it from within. This is the fire of sacrifice, of self-sacrifice: the “In Jesu morimur!” –“declining in Jesus”."

The law of brotherhood, the law of love can be perfectly effective only if this self sacrifice has become a truly active service in everyday life – not sooner! Only the Christian death of the pupil can make him worthy of receiving God’s love in the self-creating sense – it is impossible any sooner! Only dying for the self will raise him into life: “Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus!”  – “reborn through the Spirit of God!”

The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross invites you to fulfill this beautiful and hard process.