The Inward Journey

"If you know that you have come forth out of life and light and that you are composed of these elements, you will return to life"
                   Egyptian ArchGnosis vol. 1 p. 33
"… of all the creatures in nature only man is dual, mortal as to the body and immortal as to the essential Man" 
                   Admonition of the Soul

Weekly on 5 Sundays: 

Exploration 1:      November 17

Exploration 2:      November 24

Exploration 3:      December 1

Exploration 4:      December 8

Exploration 5:      December 15

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Our new Inward Journey IV examines the most fundamental questions and values ​​of human existence on earth

The five weekly online meetings form a way inward and outward, from perspective to insight.

Your hosts are pupils of the Golden Rosycross.

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The Book of Mirdad - Chapter 4

Man is a God in swaddling-bands. Time is a swaddling-band, space is a swaddling-band. Flesh is a swaddling-band, and likewise all the senses and the things perceivable therewith. The mother knows too well that the swaddling-bands are not the babe The babe, however, knows it not.

Man is too conscious yet of his swaddles which change from day to day and from age to age. Hence is his consciousness ever in flux; and hence his word which is his consciousness expressed, is never clear and definite of meaning; and hence his understanding is in fog; and hence is his life out of balance. It is confusion thrice confounded.

And so man pleads for help. His agonizing cries reverberate throughout the aeons. The air is heavy with his moans. The sea is salty with his tears. The earth is furrowed with his tombs. The heavens are deafened with his prayers. And all because he knows not yet the meaning of his I which is to him the swaddling-bands as well as the babe therein enswaddled.

In saying I, Man cleaves the Word in twain; his swaddling-bands, the one; God's deathless self, the other. Does Man in truth divide the Invisible? God forbid. The invisible no power can divide - not even God's. Man's immaturity imagines the division. And man, the infant, girds himself for battle and wages war upon the infinite All-self believing it to be the enemy of his being.

In this inequal fight, Man tears his flesh in shreds,  and spills his blood in streams. While God, the Father-Mother, lovingly looks on. For he knows that man is tearing but the heavy veils, and spilling but the bitter gall that blind him to his oneness with the One.

That is Man's destiny - to fight and bleed and faint, and in the end to wake and bind the cleavage in the I with his own flesh and seal it with his blood.

Therefore, O Monks, have you been cautioned - and very wisely cautioned - to be chary in the use of the I. Fo so long as you mean thereby the swaddling-bands and not the babe alone;  so long as it is for you a cribble rather than a crucible, just so long will you be cribbling vanity, only gather death with all his brood of agonies and pains.


"Man is a god in swaddling-bands"


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"A piece of wood, be it today a green branch on a tree and a peg in the wall tomorrow, continues to be wood and to change in form and shadow until consumed by the fire within it.

Likewise, shall Man continue to be man, when living as when dead, until the God within him consumes him; which is to say, until he understands his One-ness with The One.

But this is not to be accomplished in that twinkling of an eye which men are pleased to designate as a lifetime".


Book of Mirdad, Chapter 18

(download the book here)

Exploration 1           Why do we seek?

It is as if we are missing something; as if there is something fundamental that we lack. Efforts to fill this void are made on every level, and by every kind of person, from the most primitive to the most refined. On the primitive level, such efforts are manifested as the desire to gain possessions, or to satisfy one’s passions, or to ensure one’s personal security and material well being. In the more refined sense, it takes the form of striving for high ideals like freedom and perfection, or a life free of danger and conflict, or justice and harmony.


Exploration 2            Why do we exist?

The School of the Rosycross considers the human being’s only task to be: cooperation in a process that will make possible the rebirth of the original, divine Human Being. The primordial atom in the heart is the indestructible seed of this Human Being, from which the process of rebirth must begin. It is the primordial atom in the heart that arouses pre-remembrance and disquiet in the I human being who, compared with the original, divine Human Being, is not much more than a caricature. Yet it is the I being’s vocation to enable the rebirth of the original Human Being. Our intelligence, our will, and even the very structure of our whole biological system bear witness to the hidden possibilities with which this task can be fulfilled


Exploration 3          Who are we?

When people use the words ‘human being’, they often mean only the self, the I personality with its body and mind. But in reality the human system is much more than that. In fact, the human being is a microcosm, a miniature world.

The microcosm is spherical and sevenfold. One can say that it comprises seven fields of existence rotating concentrically, one within the other, with the primordial atom as the central point.

So the being we normally think of as ‘man’ is only the mortal form or personality of a microcosm. The ‘human being’ and the microcosm in this  state do not participate in the original divine plan; they live completely outside it.


Exploration 4           Can we really change?

The essential basis for finding and following this path lies in the centre of your being, in the heart. This is the key to understanding the origin and purpose of your inner urge to seek. When this understanding of the meaning of human existence begins to dawn on you, you will see that, even now, in the midst of present day life, there really is a path that leads to liberation.


Exploration 5          Is a Spiritual Path possible in today’s life?

Yes ..absolutely.