The Inward Journey


All Paths lead to the Inward Journey

The challenges that we face as people of the 21st century cannot be overcome with hard work but by working from the heart. As a human being, we are still far from finished. We are beings in the making, and becoming true and complete human being begins from the divine principle in the heart.

In this way we arrive at what is called the knowledge of the heart: gnosis. That is a knowing from the inside out. Gnosis is not the property of a particular philosophy or religion. It is universal because it is connected with human experience. 

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9 weekly Explorations on 9 Sundays: 


1.  Respecting Life – Creation, what drives us, the golden rule

Life is a gift, but we still have to unwrap it carefully. It is meant to enable us to grow. It holds up a mirror to make an inner awakening possible. When we are not willing to see and take in what life wants to teach us, we will experience greater challenges until we take in what we have to learn. 

2.  Respecting Life – Elemental beings, spiritual hierarchies, striving for purity

Going a spiritual path is not without obligation. It is a way of life in which you take full responsibility for yourself and your life because you understand that your personal choices have consequences for ourselves, our environment and even for the whole world. Because on a deeper level, everything is connected with everything. That is an ancient wisdom that seems to be confirmed by multiple scientific findings, for example, in quantum physics and parapsychology. 



3.  Welcoming Birth – Personality, microcosm, karma

Life on earth presents us with many challenges, but that is not without reason. They enable us to gather a fullness of experience and to long for the paradise we lost. It is a spiritual desire for total healing that flows from the core of the microcosm, the spirit-spark. On the basis of this yearning, this homesickness of the soul, a person may enter a spiritual path on which an immortal spiritual body is woven, a glorified body, a body of resurrection.


 4.  Welcoming Birth – Faith, Hope and Love; Being Born
When a human entity wants to be born to a particular woman, to continue its path of experience in the most beneficial way, it begins to gather astral substance around her. The development of the human embryo is a fascinating process in which we symbolically recognise the outer and inner development that can occur after birth. 

5.  Accepting Aging – Outward man is decaying, but inward man is renewed day by day

The desire to stay young is eternal. Although numerous attempts have been made over the centuries to prepare an elixir of life that guarantees eternal youth, it still hasn’t been found. On our journey from the cradle to the grave we are faced with numerous challenges. One of them is accepting the decline of our body.


6.  Accepting Aging – Illness and aging as spiritual opportunities and teachers

However, we may also see the inevitable aging process as a spiritual opportunity, as an opportunity to discover that life is not about us, that the malleability of life is limited and that we have to rise above ourselves in this period.

7.  Expanding Awareness – What is consciousness

As personalities, we are naturally inclined to appropriate everything we experience for ourselves, to identify ourselves with the thoughts, feelings, and activities of the will that arise in us. Consciousness manifests itself in and through the personality, and determines the state of being of the personality, but it is more than the personality. All authentic spirituality is especially aimed at widening the consciousness of humans and humanity. 

8.  Expanding Awareness – The Books of God

The universal teachings tell us that that the undivided awareness of the totality is characterised by a cosmic dimension, a divine dimension and a human dimension. This worldview therefore assumes that we live within one dynamic reality in which the divine, the cosmic and the human are related to each other and belong to each other. In humans, those three dimensions are respectively known as the mind, the soul and the body. These three dimensions cannot be known separately from each other, but can only be experienced from awareness in their coherence by people with active receptivity.


9.  Expanding Awareness – Practice of an expanding consciousness

Comenius writes about this in
1641 in his work ‘ Via Lucis’ :

‘According to the Creator’s objectives, the world is nothing more than a foreplay to eternity, as it were a primary school where we are sent before we can be promoted to the heavenly college. And that is why he has lavishly equipped his school with his books.

Because since it is our task here to learn, and learning without books or oral instruction is not possible, he teaches us, in the meantime with the help of his books, since the latter is reserved for eternity.

He has given us three books, all three of which are copies of his eternity, that means, of himself, as it were as from an original. The first and largest book of God is the visible world, written in as many letters as there are creatures of God. The second book is man himself, created in God’s image'.


Inward Journey 5 - A 

Start February 9th  


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1. February 9th

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4. March 1st

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9. April 5th

Our Inward Journey 5 examines, in 9 weekly live Explorations, the most fundamental questions and values ​​of human existence on earth. The book 'Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, life and Death' guides us along a variety of topics (more info here).

The nine weekly online Explorations form a way inward and outward, from perspective to insight.

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Inward Journey 5 - B

Start February 16th


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1. February 16th

2. February 23rd

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4. March 8th

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6. March 22nd

7. March 29th

8. April 5th

9. April 12th



I am both past and present,
For all that is has once already been:
Through many incarnations have I lived
But never yet the Victory have seen.

Does conscience at times reproach you?
Is there a yearning like a burning knife?
Is not this then the essence of your sorrows
in all the swirling of the sea of life?
But realise that all your past had purpose –
the wheel of life revolved and shaped your lot.

No one can ever flee the ‘self ’…
until he understands the word of God:
So ‘love your neighbour as yourself ’ –
Observe the selfish songs you sing.
Yes, even more, release the Other in you,
let ‘him-within-you’ be the King.

The ‘I’ of past and present in the house I was entrusted:
the microcosm fed so long on dross
has now received a glorious new prospect
through the resurrection of the cross.

The cross, now planted in the holy centre,
its upright beam right in the heart of our earth reposes
its horizontal beams as outstretched arms.
The yoke divine – the ‘cross of roses’!