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Public Talk Series 7A and 7B

The Great Spiritual Awakening

A new approach to life requires clear and conscious reflection.  The principle is the same but what is written or will be written conforms entirely to your state of being, to your private past, present and future. Therefore the Golden Rosycross does not establish an external law nor ask you to apply certain rules of life, but it suggests the application of the law in your heart on the basis of a true state of faith. It is possible to be conscious of what is written in your heart. That of which you are conscious you are able to apply in your life. 
Follow your own way at your own speed and put things in the sequence destined for you. But do act scrupulously, not sparing yourself in anything. That is the magic of the new approach to life. Understand at the same time that this magic does not focus you on the lives of others. You really have enough to do with yourself and you will be pressed for time with this self-freemasonry. In this way you open your soul-state before the Gnosis that has already been knocking at the door of your soul for a very long time.
The Gnosis in Present-day Manifestation Ch. IV

The Spiritual Self-Revolution

The crucial thing is not what you know, but what you do! You need to undertake a self-revolution so radical, so total, that it can be called all-encompassing. It is crucial that you begin and carry through this radical self-revolution. And to do it, you will need an intelligence born of wisdom. For this radical revolution, which is so necessary, will need to affect not only yourself, but also everything and everyone for whom you are responsible. There is no uniform program that can be laid down for this radical self-revolution; no set formula that can be followed and applied by everyone. It is, first and foremost, an inner event. However, it expresses itself outwardly as a totally new style of living, based on life's true purpose. 
Chinese Gnosis 20-II

You're wholeheartedly invited to join our new public talk series in 6 explorations, live on Zoom in two different time zones.

The Zoom links provided work for all exploration sessions in this series.

Six Weekly Explorations on Sundays

The Great Spiritual Awakening

1. The Compass into the New Reality

Every day life is presented to us through the lense of our cultural, religious and economic realities, but many people around the world are beginning to question this image, this mirage.

We feel drawn to search for our own answers, and are awakening to a heartfelt recognition that an individualist perception of own our reality works to the exclusion of others, especially those who do not share our reality.

All around the world today people are longing, crying out, for an answer that is not exclusive, but has a universal, even eternal or absolute quality - an answer that recognizes the inner spiritual potential that is stirring within ourselves, and that obviously lies withiin every other human being.

We really want and need a very practical and meaningful way, a guide, an inner compass that will bring us to a new Reality, that will truly make a difference in our lives. 

Does this longing resound within yourself too?

In the coming public talk "The compass to the new Reality" we will explore together what this can mean in our life and where this can lead us.

2. The Road Map to Soul Freedom

3. The Vehicle of a New Consciousness


The Spiritual Self-Revolution

4. Beyond The Conditioned Mind

5. Breaking Free From The Ego

6. Building The New Reality

Our Public Talk Series 7 examines, in 6 weekly live explorations, the most fundamental questions and values ​​of human existence on earth.

We will explore various aspects of the Great Spiritual Awakening and Inner Revolution.

The six weekly online explorations form a way inward and outward, from perspective to insight. 

All explorations can be followed separately and no foreknowledge is needed.

We offer the series in two time zones (A and B) and you're welcome to join the Journey of your choice (or both).

Your hosts are pupils of the Golden Rosycross.

We use Zoom video conferencing software to create a dynamic heart-to-heart interaction with you. Our explorations don't require any foreknowledge.

We don't record the live explorations, and you're always in control of your microphone and camera.

We do ask you, however, to join on time if possible, as a courtesy to your fellow travellers.

Preregistration is not required.

Check dates and local starting times and join your weekly live meetings.

We're looking forward to welcoming you!


Public Talk Series 7A

Time Zone A

Starting Sunday August 9th  


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 8.00 pm Amsterdam

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 Public Talk Series 7B

Time Zone B

Starting Sunday August 9th 


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11.00 am London

 1.00 pm Moskow

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10.00 pm Wellington NZ

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 August 9th

August 16th

August 23rd

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