Webinar on Zoom - "The Bridge to the Supernature" 

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Humanity exists in a vibrational prison. The world that we experience with our five senses is not the World that we originated from or to which we must return. Our Original Field of Life - the Supernature - is separated from our current field of life by a "vibration gap". This gap must be bridged before we can take advantage of the opportunity to cross over to the Supernature. Periodically throughout mankind's long history, a Bridge is built for use by those who are sincerely ready to walk The Path of Return. The dawning of the Aquarian Age serves notice to all that this liberating process is once again underway.

This presentation outlines the role played in the building of this Bridge by gnostic transfiguristic schools such as the Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross.

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