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Rosycross and Christianity

Virtual Public Lecture "Rosycross and Christianity" Tuesday, October 29, 2019 Watch on Youtube and Facebook: Date and local time: Tuesday 29th September at 1.30 PM (PDT), UTC -7, USA West Tuesday 29th September at 4.30 PM PM (EDT), UTC -4, USA East Tuesday 29th September at 5.30 PM (BRT), UTC -3, Brazil / São Paulo Tuesday 29th September at 9.30 PM (BST), UTC +1, Europe / London / Dublin Tuesday 29th September at 10.30 PM (CEST), UTC +2, Europe / Amsterdam Wednesday 30th September at 6.30 AM (AEST), UTC +10, Australia / Melbourne / Sydney Wednesday 30th September at 6.00 AM (AEST), UTC +9:30, Australia / Adelaide Wednesday 30th September at 8.30 AM (NZST), UTC +12, Pacific / New Zealand For questions or more information, please email us at

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